The Tempest Maiden novella series

Emperor Sung is on a crusade to claim lordship over the sun and recast all the world in his shadow. With the heavens' guardians asleep, the only ones standing in Sung's way are a weather-wielding pirate captain and a curse-guarding dryad noble who are hells-bent on stealing and destroying every last scrap of magic weaponry that the dragon emperor needs to rise to immortality. It's pirate verses leviathan in this high-seas adventure. Which will prove cunning enough to win? A must-read for Pirates of the Caribbean fans.


Thorn & Thistle

Thorn & Thistle Book Cover ArtThorn & Thistle Book Cover Art


“You’re a pirate!”

“I prefer the term privateer, thank you.”

Meet Thornton Tarok, captain of the pirate ship—err, privateer vessel—the Tempest Maiden. He’s a cunning gambler, a fierce brawler, an amateur wizard, and a true patriot.

All Thorn ever wants is a good sail, a fair wind, and the freedom of the high seas. However, his ship’s latest passenger, the Lady Zana Cynara, might just be destined to ruin his chances at all three.

Zana is a soft-spoken noblewoman with one rather strange past. As a dryad, she’s the ultimate tree hugger. She’s also the keeper of the Jade Dagger, a powerful magical artifact that Emperor Sung wants at all cost.

Can the two unlikely allies join forces to outmaneuver their enemy's forces in a deadly game of keep-away or will Sung’s lust for conquest destroy everyone and everything they’re fighting to keep free?


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Sloop & Sword (Coming Soon!)

The sea is getting awfully unwelcoming for Captain Thorn and his crew. Thanks to ill-timed hostilities against Dragon Emperor Sung’s representative, Thorn's own king has labeled the entire Tempest Maiden crew as traitors to be hunted down by anyone who cares to claim the bounty.

Desperate to free the Lady Zana from the Dragon Emperor's dark magic, Thorn and his crew set sail as pirates with the aim of stealing as many pieces of the Jade Warrior's armor from Sung's allies as possible. Perhaps with the cursed armor's destruction, Sung's reign of terror will end and Zana will finally find her freedom.

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