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A special collection of short stories from every corner of imagination:

  • "A Song for Naia" (First published by Purple Thorn Press in June 2014.) Others of Ryad’s people have given up trying to free their destined lovers from the glacier. Only one will dare fight the ice after nightfall and for Naia’s sake he must succeed.
  • "Banner Prophesies" (New Fiction) To protect her home and her foal, the unicorn must defy the griffin even with her dying breath.
  • "City of Twilight" (New Fiction) Darkness will release the Nightmares, but for now the sunlit ruins are safe…or so Carn thought.
  • "Chosen Sacrifice" (First published by Purple Thorn Press in June 2014.) The Chosen Warrior’s sacrifice might bring hope to her people, but can Miya keep any for herself?
  • "Of Kelpie Lullabies" (First published by Purple Thorn Press in June 2014.) Will a sorcerer’s gift truly prove powerful enough to break the fae curse or will Keiranna be doomed to remain in exile as a monster forever?
  • "Raven’s Fall" (First published by in January 2013.) Could a world of dawn be so much better than this domain of dusk? The red cattail could give Raven the answer, but should she dare use it?
  • "Star Child and the Golden Seed" (New Fiction) With enemies at the very gates, will the miracle of Stars’ Gift be enough to save the village or will the Watobi follow their Star Sage to a fiery death?
  • "The Soul Wrangler" (New Fiction) There is a demon infection in River, Texas, and, as dangerous as he is, Dust remains the townspeople’s only hope for a cure.
  • "Sumari's Solitude" (First published under the pseudonym Alycia C. Cooke in the Ruins Metropolis anthology by Hadley Rille Books in June 2008.) The sun is setting on High Priestess Sumari’s reign. Will her last act of faith be enough to thwart a priesthood plot to assassinate her successor or will her enemies destroy all she holds dear?
  • "What Tendrils Echo" (New Fiction)When an ancient king’s tomb is unearthed, Jac’s dreams of scientific discovery and academic glory turn into nightmares. A jaguar is killing archeologists, but is this is a simple case of wildlife run amok or is something far more sinister at work?
  • "Winter's Charge" (New Fiction) After an avalanche kills his hunting party, young Ataniq’s only hope for survival comes in the form of one of the most dangerous creatures an arctic warrior can encounter: a polar bear.



"[From] the descriptive narration in 'The Soul Wrangler' to the eerie implications in 'What Tendrils Echo', I think most readers will find something to enjoy in this book. I know I did." –David Gray

"Overall an excellent read and I look forward to the next book." –Daniel Flournoy