The Life Journey Journal, Enchanted Forest Edition is a creative journal specifically designed to help you break through the overwhelm of daily existence to live a more purposeful, joy-filled life.

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Journey Journal EF Front CoverJourney Journal EF Front Cover

Life is a journey. Plot yours well.

Are you increasingly frustrated with how your life is going? Do you feel overwhelmed by its constant demands? Are you tired of the weight of life crushing in on you and desperately need some relief? If this is you, I invite you to stop, take a deep breath, and try something new.

Welcome to the Life Journey Journal—a journal specifically designed to give you that much needed daily dose of fresh air. Within these pages, you’ll find a simple, flexible, and powerful system that will help you navigate life by cutting through overwhelm and finding a moment of creative calm no matter what life storm you’re currently facing.

Each page is structured with a large lined section for writing and a smaller section for extra notes, drawing, or coloring. The writing section of each page includes a date and title area and a lined gray area that can be used for bullet points, numbers, or checkmarks when you need to make lists. Full-color photographs and inspirational quotes are sprinkled throughout the book to help encourage you each day.

In addition to its innovative design, this journal includes specific guiding prompts to help you write what is most meaningful to you in your current stage of life. Included are guides for:

  • Prayer
  • Productivity
  • Grief
  • Gratefulness
  • Health/Fitness
  • Travel
  • Story-writing

All of this is organized into a book not just designed to get you writing, but also drawing, coloring, and creating your way to a better, more purposeful life. However you choose to use this journal, treat it as your daily dose of creative clarity and you’ll find that the mad dash of life will sweep you off your chosen path far less often.


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U.S.A.: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

International: Canada | United Kingdom | Australia & New Zealand


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