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The Dryad's Sacrifice Book CoverThe Dryad's Sacrifice Book Cover


The fiercest courage is conceived through the greatest trials…

The Dryad Council has given Ella and Eliza the greatest honor of their lives. They are the youngest members of their tribe to undertake the Initiation Quest. To prove their bravery and ingenuity, the sisters must place a single rose from their home on the summit of Mount Denth and then return to their kin with a vessel filled from the mountain’s sacred spring. Their mission will take them far beyond dryad lands into mysterious territories with creatures more dangerous than they can imagine. When the sisters find themselves the unwitting guardians of one of the legendary Keystones, a simple errand becomes a battle for survival against one of the most powerful vampires in Sylvan history.

Dear Fantasy Fiction Reader,

Are you bored with reading books with cliche stories about shallow characters? Well, I was bored too, so I decided to start writing the fiction that I really wanted to read. In my case, that meant enchanting tales full of mysterious creatures, epic quests, tense action, and deep friendships. I'd like to introduce you to the Sylvan Realms, a world where love, courage, and the bonds of friendship are pitted against the darkest of desires of lust, greed, and pride in the ultimate struggle for power.

Here's what readers are saying about my work:

"Treachery, lies, deceit, and bravery weave with great detail and hope through a story of tragedy and sacrifice that will leave you cheering the characters on even as you cry for their losses."

"[A] special, magic, mesmerizing and enchanting [read] beyond what one usually can encounter..."

"I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of fast paced fantasy that is ready to go for the ride of your life. It is a world and characters that easily won't be forgotten."

I invite you to click the button and join me for the journey.

Alycia Christine