The Sylvan Prelude series:


A simple test to prove their courage becomes a battle for survival against an enemy more dangerous than they could ever imagine.


The Sylvan Cycle series:

Skinshifter_Cover_9Skinshifter_Cover_9 Dreamdrifter_Cover_1Dreamdrifter_Cover_1

The full moon revealed her humanity. Now the hunters know her secret. Let the race begin...


The Tempest Maiden series:


All Thorn wants is a good sail, a fair wind, and the freedom of the high seas. And his ship’s latest passenger might just be destined to ruin his chances at all three.




Special collections of short stories gathered from every corner of imagination and every edge of emotion.


Individual Short Stories:


“The Cleaning”

“Hero’s Moment”

“Paper Castles”

“The Twirling Ballerina”

“When the Medium Shatters”