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The full moon revealed the beast within her. Now she has become the monster they most fear.

Katja’s skinshifting abilities are becoming more powerful, and more dangerous. A rare madness is overtaking the werecat’s mind, making her more savage and unpredictable with each full moon. As war rages on the Sylvan Continent, Katja and her allies must seek out the sacred Keystones and use their power against the deadwalkers. How can Katja defend her packmates from the dangers of their new journey when she can’t even protect them from herself? What hope does she have for a cure when a vampire carries the key to recovering her sanity?

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What Readers are Saying:

“The book is fast paced and very descriptive. The author describes her world so well you feel like you are there. The characters are well developed and you care what happens to them. Katja and her pack have an epic quest and this is just a part of it, can't wait for the next book.” –Vicki Chinski

“This sequel is great! There's plot twists, intrigue, danger, and major surprises in store for our packmates as they try to bring balance to the world and get rid of the deadwalkers. The ending will have you cheering. Can't wait for the 3rd book!” –B. Mulder


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