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I felt a bit guilty when I realized today that I have not written anything on livejournal in over two months! Here is my update for those who noticed that I fell off the planet.


Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day all went very well. My husband and I spent Thanksgiving Day with some dear friends who live just north of town on a several thousand acre ranch. We spent the day eating, drinking, and shooting pistols (not in that order by the way.) I then spent the weekend at my parents’ house visiting with them and my aunt and uncle. My husband had to work on the weekend so he was unable to attend. Fortunately, his boss did give him two days off for Christmas so we were both able to spend the holidays at my parents’ house after all. We did not see his parents until New Year’s Day which was when we did the rest of our Christmas gift exchange.


The weekend just after New Year’s Day was also a time of great celebration because four close friends of ours got married that Saturday. Matt’s childhood best friend’s wedding was in Lubbock and my dear friend Mary’s was in Dallas, so we split up and were each involved in one wedding. It was so much fun watching Mary and her longtime best friend finally get married, but I do admit I was missing my favorite dancing partner when the reception came. It was so nice to get home after that weekend and be able to hug Matt again.


In writing news, I am excited to announce that I finished writing Chapter 22 of Skinshifter today. Now it is on to Chapter 23, which means I have only to write two chapters to finish the book rough draft! I also have a new short story submitted for publication.


In other news, I still have not found a job, which is in part because I took three weeks off in December from serious job hunting to prepare for Christmas and the weddings. Now I am back to full force searching and have a couple of good prospects. I’m hoping for something that does not involve retail because I want to avoid working crazy hours. Matt does enough of that for both of us. We will what happens. In the mean time, I continue write, do housework, and do some independent graphic design work.

WorldCon Report, Part 1

WorldCon was awesome! I met so many neat people and attended several informative panels and fun parties. The Hadley Rille Books panel boasted readings from roughly eight different authors including myself. My first ever public story reading went very well and I autographed somewhere between 10-20 copies of the Ruin Metropolis anthology during the weekend. I also handed out signed copies of some of my photography as an extra promotion for Hadley Rille Books. I had the chance to hang around the Hadley Rille Books table in the dealer’s room. In the process I became better acquainted with the editor Eric Reynolds and discovered him to be a very nice and interesting individual. I also had the opportunity to talk with such SciFi writing legends as Elizabeth Moon as well as several immerging stars. I am of course very glad to be back home with Matthew and getting regular hours of sleep now, but my experiences at the con were truly priceless. I plan to include a fairly comprehensive list of Web page links for the many wonderful people I met at WorldCon hopefully later this week so that you can see their work. For now, though, I’m off to work on market reports and will probably try to finish more wedding thank you notes tonight after dinner. Bye for now!

Wedding Report

For those of you who just have to know, I am pleased to report that Matt and my wedding was a complete success! We had such a wonderful time dancing, eating amazing food, and chatting with just about everyone! The wedding and reception were so beautiful! Our florist Rob Cook did an outstanding job on the floral decorations and our harpist (Cindy Horstman), DJ (Gus Garza), and soloist (Andrew Cook) were phenomenal. The whole scene was spectacularly elegant and everyone had a great time. Matt and I were very proud of ourselves because we both managed not to cry throughout the whole ceremony (though it was really hard because we were so happy).

The only downside to the whole thing was that Mom pulled a muscle in her back and had such an adverse reaction to the doctor’s pain medication that she was too sick to attend the rehearsal dinner. She was feeling much better during the wedding, but she is still recovering from all the aches this last week.

Matt and I had such a blast on our honeymoon! We stayed at the Mansion at Turtle Creek for two nights and then took a road trip to San Antonio for part of the week. We toured the Natural Bridge Caverns near New Braunfels and enjoyed the San Antonio Zoo and Sea World. Of course I took about ten billion photos during the honeymoon and I hope to upload some of those to my page as soon as I can get my home computer and Internet running again.

Friday and Saturday saw Matt, Mom, Dad, and me moving all of my belongings to Matt’s and my new apartment. Matt has gone back to Pittsburgh to move his things down to San Angelo this week, so I have to unpack and put away the contents of as many remaining boxes as possible so we have room for him too. There is so much to do, but this is so much fun too!


I’m sitting at the office with my foot tapping because a) I’ve finished all of my markets and b) I leave for the Dallas area tomorrow. Between now and then I have to buy pantyhose, get cash, wash my car, tan, and finish packing (my desk, my bathroom, my closets, and my suitcase).


All of my earthly possessions will be moved next week as soon as Matt and I get back from a short honeymoon. I’ll then send him back to Pennsylvania so that he can finish his packing and moving. If all goes well, we might have a home put together by August. If all does not go well, Matt will be moving his stuff in during the time that I’m at WorldCon and we will start the culling process after I get back.


I’ll be offline (except for occasional office E-mail checks) for a week or two until we get Internet established in the new apartment. I hope to be writing normally again by August. With the wedding, trips, two moves, and in-laws’ visit, I have no idea if that is even feasible. I do hope to at least find out whether my story submissions are accepted for publication. We shall see.

For now I bid all my readers a fond goodbye and look forward to talking with you soon.

Wedding and WorldCon


I’m going to WorldCon! I will be one of the authors reading at the Thursday 10AM Hadley Rille Books Panel. I will also be floating around the convention from August 7-9. Come find me and say hello!


My other wonderful news:

-The wedding is this week and I’m leaving for wedding festivities on Thursday!

-I’m making very good progress on my apartment packing!


To Do List:

-Finish packing up my apartment

-Finish packing for Honeymoon

-Go for the last two sessions of tanning

-Remember to get some decent sleep

Say Goodbye to the Decorations!

All but three of my decorations are packed. I still have most of my pictures hanging on the walls because I couldn’t find enough boxes to finish packing them. I should be able to get more picture boxes after work today, so I can hopefully finish that project tonight. I also want to schedule a change of residence for my electricity and Internet. Other goals are to finish writing thank you notes and continue packing up my kitchen. I was debating going to see my parents this weekend, but I think I’ll stay home and continue packing instead.


Markets were slow today because many livestock auctions are not selling this week due to the Independence Day holiday. Consequently, I will be playing catch up on my records keeping this afternoon.


Over the past three days, I have come up with four different short story ideas but no motivation to actually start any of them. Writing even three paragraphs on Chapter 19 early this morning felt like pulling teeth. Evidently, the wedding is still the conqueror of my creative energy just as it should be. Matt and I are both actually a bit in shock that after so many years of dating, we will actually finally be husband and wife. Being able to wake up next to my best friend and soul mate every morning will be such a happy change. I am so excited!


My apartment is happily becoming even more of a disaster—particularly in the dining room. All my boxes full of 4.5 of my six bookshelves worth of books and decorations have been piled on the dining room’s far wall. I still have a long way to go, but I’m confident that I’ll be able to have all of my decorations, books, and pictures packed by this weekend. I might even be able to start packing some of the kitchen, utility room, and closet contents. We’ll see. The cat has been having a blast finding new and improved ways to get herself buried in packing paper or stuck between box stacks. Keeping her from eating the packing peanuts has also proved to be a “fun” challenge. Ah, well, I certainly wouldn’t want my life boring.


Other things on my “To Do” list for the rest of this week:

-Continue tanning.

-Continue practicing the waltz.

-Get Matt’s information to the new apartment manager so our lease can be finished.

-Take unfitting clothes back to the store.

-Confiscate more picture packing boxes from some local retail stores.

-Go grocery shopping for two weeks’ worth of supplies and food.

-Write four thank you notes.

-Cook a crock-pot meal.

-Back up my computer.

-Service and wash my car.

-Repost “City of Twilight” on Baen’s Universe

-And clean the dishes.

The Weekend


Well, my weekend in Dallas went wonderfully. Matthew and I had a great time staying at my aunt and uncle’s house. We were able to get our marriage license and go through our first and only session of marriage counseling. The pastor gave us the “thumbs up” on our relationship tests, so I guess we won’t kill each other once we are married. We also had a grand time swimming in the backyard pool, eating at some fabulous restaurants, and bumming around at an art museum.


My writing will now sadly take a backseat to packing up the apartment, tanning, and other preparations for the big day. I still hope to get corrections finished and reposted on EAG and Baen’s Universe for “City of Twilight”, but I have no idea how much time I’ll actually be able to spend on it. Matt and I can’t believe we now have less than a month before the wedding! We are so excited!


Oh, yes, and one fun side note…I’m Superman according to the nifty superhero test found at:

Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
The Flash
Iron Man
You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.

Next Week and Short Stories

In one more week I finally get to see Matthew! I haven’t seen him since April so this is wonderful! We have to get our marriage license in Dallas on Friday and see our officiating minister for the mandatory marriage counseling on Sunday. The next time I see him will be our wedding weekend in July. I am so glad I will have a week to goof off with him before he flies back to Pennsylvania. We’ll have to spend the last half of our “Honeymoon” week moving my stuff into the new apartment just across town, but at least we’ll be together. He will be on his own to move all of his things cross-country sometime during the third week of July while I’m working. Whatever weekend he comes in will be really tiring, but worth every back-breaking minute. We haven’t lived in the same city since I graduated Texas A&M University at the end of 2005, so I could not be more excited to actually be able to live with him.


In writing news, I sent my short story “Chosen” off to the Writer’s of the Future Contest, which has a July 1 deadline. We will see how that goes, but in the meantime I need to finish correcting my “City of Twilight” short story and resubmit it to the Baen’s Universe Bar new-author slush pile. I also need to finish my edits of David’s, Lauren’s, Mary’s, and Leia’s June postings in EAG. I’ve read through David’s and Mary’s stuff once, but I have yet to attempt formal edits. I guess I’ll do that once I get my market reports finished since those are due on the 15th.

To Do List

To do list for this week:

-Go to the grocery store

-Cook a large pot from which leftovers can be gleaned

-E-mail my DJ with my song requests for the wedding reception

-Sign a contract for a new (and bigger) apartment where Matt and I can live

-E-mail our officiating pastor about the scheduled counseling sessions that Matt and I must attend

-Go to Lubbock for my bridal portraits (this Saturday)*


Ongoing to do list:

-Write thank you notes to those people who were gracious enough to give us wedding gifts

-Begin packing up my current apartment

-Continue to tan so that I don’t look like a corpse bride*


*plus anything else I can think to do.


On another note, I give my sincere thanks and admiration to 

 who was brave enough to attempt my MadLib story challenge! Go see her work! It’s hysterical!

By the way, Ruin Metropolis is sadly still delayed although I am fairly sure that it has made it through the physical press at least. I’m still waiting on my author copy and official notice of publication, so we are unfortunitely still officially in limbo.

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