Well, gang, I’m back in the writing swing of things. I have two new short stories ("Seedling" and "The Star Child and the Golden Seed") written, edited and submitted for publication so keep your fingers crossed. My finish of Skinshifter Chapter 19 was stalled during August in favor of these short stories, but I plan to have it and Chapter 20 finished hopefully by October.
As far as domestic life goes, I had my in-laws in town for the first time since the wedding. After three days of goofing off and helping us hang pictures, they left for the rest of their vacation. Matthew and I continue to put our house in order little by little. We finally hung the last three big wall decorations yesterday. We hope to hang the living room curtains by the end of the week and that should finish out all wall decoration in our house. I still have wedding notes to finish writing, but that should also be completed this week as well.
I am finally posting a list of some of the many wonderful WorldCon attendees I met, so check out their links and have fun reading their works! By the way, the lion share of the people I met at WorldCon were members of: Viable Paradise, Clarion West, SFWA, or Hadley Rille Books. Check out the organizations!
Pam topayz4 
Heather heatherdoodle 
Tony Frazier
Camille Alexa camillealexa 
Mike Brotherton prof_brotherton 
Julia Dvorin  quixhobbit 

Jim Fiscus

Paul Genesse www.paulgenesse.com
Frank Gibbard hfgibbard 
(Kelly) Jude-Marie Green saycestsay 
Chris Kastensmidt ckastens ckastens 

Lancer Kind http://lancerkind.com/

Elizabeth Moon e_moon60 
Eric Reynolds ericreynolds 
Lawrence M. Schoen klingonguy 
Kim Vandermort writerknv

James Van Pelt jimvanpelt 

Caroline Yoachim carolineyoachim 

I hope I’ve remembered everyone but I know I haven’t. I can remember far more faces than names now so if I’m missing someone, yell at me!

:0) Alycia