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House Verses Apartment

The weekend consisted of eating, sleeping, packing, and moving. Sunday afternoon found all of my husband’s and my worldly possessions taking up every cranny of our new home. My thanks to my parents, husband, and two hired helpers for all of the sweaty work. My goal yesterday was to finish cleaning the apartment. Now that that is finished, the house finally takes full precedence. Office organization and trim painting is set as the chore for tonight. I’ll do more kitchen unpacking if I really feel like it.

House Update

My parents, husband and I spent July 31 and August 1 painting ceilings. August 7 and 8 found the four of us painting the walls. In both cases, a paint sprayer was our greatest asset. Thank you, Ryan, for letting us use it! I still have wall paint touch ups to do in two rooms. Once those are finished, I will rip the tape off the trim and clean floors. I will worry about painting the trim after we move in. My in-laws will be helping us move some of our furniture this weekend and I only packed my first two boxes this morning. We’ll see how long the rest of the apartment takes my husband and me to pack and move. I’m glad the move is in town this time. Ugh! Stress!


Hi, Everone! This is a quick update to let you know that Matt and I finally found a place to live so we’re moving everything from San Angelo to Pecos, Texas, on Saturday. Matt has already started his new job and has lived in a hotel for two weeks so he is even more excited than I to have a new home! Hopefully I’ll have my computer and internet set back up by December 13th. Until then be sure to catch me on my cell phone.

🙂 Alycia

Wedding Report

For those of you who just have to know, I am pleased to report that Matt and my wedding was a complete success! We had such a wonderful time dancing, eating amazing food, and chatting with just about everyone! The wedding and reception were so beautiful! Our florist Rob Cook did an outstanding job on the floral decorations and our harpist (Cindy Horstman), DJ (Gus Garza), and soloist (Andrew Cook) were phenomenal. The whole scene was spectacularly elegant and everyone had a great time. Matt and I were very proud of ourselves because we both managed not to cry throughout the whole ceremony (though it was really hard because we were so happy).

The only downside to the whole thing was that Mom pulled a muscle in her back and had such an adverse reaction to the doctor’s pain medication that she was too sick to attend the rehearsal dinner. She was feeling much better during the wedding, but she is still recovering from all the aches this last week.

Matt and I had such a blast on our honeymoon! We stayed at the Mansion at Turtle Creek for two nights and then took a road trip to San Antonio for part of the week. We toured the Natural Bridge Caverns near New Braunfels and enjoyed the San Antonio Zoo and Sea World. Of course I took about ten billion photos during the honeymoon and I hope to upload some of those to my page as soon as I can get my home computer and Internet running again.

Friday and Saturday saw Matt, Mom, Dad, and me moving all of my belongings to Matt’s and my new apartment. Matt has gone back to Pittsburgh to move his things down to San Angelo this week, so I have to unpack and put away the contents of as many remaining boxes as possible so we have room for him too. There is so much to do, but this is so much fun too!


I’m sitting at the office with my foot tapping because a) I’ve finished all of my markets and b) I leave for the Dallas area tomorrow. Between now and then I have to buy pantyhose, get cash, wash my car, tan, and finish packing (my desk, my bathroom, my closets, and my suitcase).


All of my earthly possessions will be moved next week as soon as Matt and I get back from a short honeymoon. I’ll then send him back to Pennsylvania so that he can finish his packing and moving. If all goes well, we might have a home put together by August. If all does not go well, Matt will be moving his stuff in during the time that I’m at WorldCon and we will start the culling process after I get back.


I’ll be offline (except for occasional office E-mail checks) for a week or two until we get Internet established in the new apartment. I hope to be writing normally again by August. With the wedding, trips, two moves, and in-laws’ visit, I have no idea if that is even feasible. I do hope to at least find out whether my story submissions are accepted for publication. We shall see.

For now I bid all my readers a fond goodbye and look forward to talking with you soon.

To Do List

To do list for this week:

-Go to the grocery store

-Cook a large pot from which leftovers can be gleaned

-E-mail my DJ with my song requests for the wedding reception

-Sign a contract for a new (and bigger) apartment where Matt and I can live

-E-mail our officiating pastor about the scheduled counseling sessions that Matt and I must attend

-Go to Lubbock for my bridal portraits (this Saturday)*


Ongoing to do list:

-Write thank you notes to those people who were gracious enough to give us wedding gifts

-Begin packing up my current apartment

-Continue to tan so that I don’t look like a corpse bride*


*plus anything else I can think to do.


On another note, I give my sincere thanks and admiration to 

 who was brave enough to attempt my MadLib story challenge! Go see her work! It’s hysterical!

By the way, Ruin Metropolis is sadly still delayed although I am fairly sure that it has made it through the physical press at least. I’m still waiting on my author copy and official notice of publication, so we are unfortunitely still officially in limbo.

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