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While you wait, I thought you might like a sneak peek at some of my other writing. Readers often tell me that they only need to read a page or two to decide if my writing is right for them, so I wanted to introduce to some of my books and their characters to you. You can get them all right now at amazing prices!


Skinshifter_Cover_9-4x6The full moon revealed her humanity. Now the hunters know her secret.

Skinshifters are a curse. The Asheken deadwalkers proved that fact when they used skinshifters to spy against the Sylvan races during the Second War of Ages. Now, after three centuries of peace, the deadwalkers have found a secret way back onto the Sylvan Continent and this time they seek not just to conquer their enemies, but to enslave them body and soul.

When the Feliconas Clan suffers the deadwalkers’ first raid, one werecat—a skinshifter who has concealed her abilities—survives the massacre. Even as Katja struggles with her grief and guilt over her murdered kin, she must unite with other Sylvan refugees to defeat the deadwalkers before they can butcher and defile the other races. But can this skinshifter trust her newfound allies or will their secrets prove even more treacherous than her own?

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Dreamdrifter_Cover_1-1600x2400The full moon revealed the beast within her. Now she has become the monster they most fear.

Katja’s skinshifting abilities are becoming more powerful, and more dangerous. A rare madness is overtaking the werecat’s mind, making her more savage and unpredictable with each full moon.

As war rages on the Sylvan Continent, Katja and her allies must seek out the sacred Keystones and use their power against the deadwalkers. How can Katja defend her packmates from the dangers of their new journey when she can’t even protect them from herself? What hope does she have for a cure when a vampire carries the key to recovering her sanity?

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Thorn_Thistle_3-4x6“You’re a pirate!”

“I prefer the term privateer, thank you.”

Meet Thornton Tarok, captain of the pirate ship—err, privateer vessel—the Tempest Maiden. He’s a cunning gambler, a fierce brawler, an amateur wizard, and a true patriot.

All Thorn ever wants is a good sail, a fair wind, and the freedom of the high seas. However, his ship’s latest passenger, the Lady Zana Cynara, might just be destined ruin his chances at all three.

Zana is a soft-spoken noblewoman with one rather strange past. As a dryad, she’s the ultimate tree hugger. She’s also the keeper of the Jade Dagger, a powerful magical artifact that Emperor Sung wants at all cost.

Can the two unlikely allies join forces to outmaneuver their enemy’s forces in a deadly game of keep-away or will Sung’s lust for conquest destroy everyone and everything they’re fighting to keep free?

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