The Sylvan Cycle series…

Skinshifter (2015)

Dreamdrifter (2016)

Fireforger (Coming soon!)

The Sylvan Prelude series…

The Dryad’s Sacrifice (2015)

The Tempest Maiden series…

Thorn and Thistle (2015)

Sloop and Sword (Coming soon!)

Anthologies & Standalone Books…

Musings anthology (2014)

Individual Short Stories…

“The Cleaning” (2014)

“Hero’s Moment” (2015)

“Paper Castles” (2015)

“The Twirling Ballerina” (2014)

“When the Medium Shatters” (2015)


Devotional Books…

First Fruits: 31 Flashes of Biblical Perspective (2013)