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Welcome to my virtual home. I am so happy you’re here! I’m Alycia Christine, award-winning artist and author of six books. I love and live a good story. Whether writing speculative fiction, poignant nonfiction, or shooting epic photography, my goal is to share the dramatic beauty and blessing found in every aspect of life—even the painful parts. You’ll find bits of enchantment and encouragement woven into each piece that I share.

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“[F]ueled by engagingly twisted fantasy elements, vivid imagery, appealing characters, rousing adventure and terse storytelling.” -Bestsellers World

“Action is well done, tension is wonderfully detailed and maintained throughout, and fantasy readers will find in Katja an appealing, believable character whose quest and concerns drive a story line that is vivid, accessible, and involving.” -D. Donovan, Senior eBook Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

“Skinshifter is not your regular fantasy novel. The author has created a world so full of different kind of species and the world by itself needs a special mention. The book had my undivided attention from start to end.” -Born Bookish

“Author Alycia Christine develops an entertaining story, full of fantasy, moments of tense action, and lots of intriguing characters.” -J. Burns

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Alycia Christine grew up near the dusty cotton fields of Lubbock, Texas, with a fearless mutt for a dog and a backyard trampoline that almost bounced her to the moon. She fell in love with fantasy and science fiction books when her father first read them to her at age ten. Her love of writing blossomed during her time at Texas A&M University. Skinshifter, the novel begun during her college career, has received wide praise for its unique characters and vivid storytelling. Her award-winning art photography has been featured in Times Square. When she isn’t writing or shooting photos, Alycia enjoys long walks with her husband, drinking copious amounts of tea, and coaxing her skittish cat out from under the living room furniture. Thanks for visiting her site!