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Today on SCRAWLS, Katja and her allies seek the help of Lauraisha’s mother Queen Manasa to try to contact Daya’lyn’s father Caleb using the Ott vre Caerwyn mirror’s magic shards. While not as well-trained of a mage as her daughter Lauraisha, Manasa is nonetheless a powerful dreamdrifter mage. Her determination to find any way she can to help her daughter may give her the strength she needs to communicate across the Sylvan Continent and find the answers they need.


That night as Katja curled underneath the scratchy woolen blankets that humans used instead of proper sleeping furs, she couldn’t help but be nervous about Lauraisha’s mother’s attempt to contact Caleb. When Katja and her packmates were journeying to the kingdom of Tyglesea in the first place, the werecat had shared brief dreams with Manasa. The dreamdrifter’s mind was a powerful one, and yet the distance that she would have to traverse to reach Caleb was so much longer than it had been when she had called to Katja. Even with the Ott vre Caerwyn mirror shards’ added strength and Katja’s aid, how could Manasa’s thoughts possibly reach across a continent?

Katja fell asleep still wondering about the possibility, and soon discovered her answer in her dreams. As her mind drifted away from the reality of her scratchy blankets and too-soft bed, Katja found herself walking down the castle’s corridors and out along the narrow beach just below Summersted. In the distance, she saw a human walking along the waves toward her—the female’s long, dark hair and indigo skirts tossed by the same billowing breeze that ruffled the werecat’s golden fur.

Katja stopped before her with an unspoken question perched upon her lips.

“It is as I’ve feared; I cannot use the mirror shards alone,” Manasa said in answer to the wraithwalker’s thought. “Come Katja. Come dreamwalk with me between the folds of reality tonight. Let us see if your strength can be the difference between victory and defeat.”


I hope you enjoyed this week’s entry in the SCRAWLS Diary from my in-progress book Fireforger. We’ll pick up with more of this scene next week. In the meantime, I welcome your comments about how to color my in-progress piece of artwork that I’ve shared with you today.

As always, SCRAWLS is designed to be a public journal of my fiction and artwork as I create it. In the way of writing, you’ll see new scenes, rich characters, and, of course, enchanting worlds. In the way of art, you’ll see everything from vivid photography to intriguing drawings. As always, my goal is to bring you both finished work and the rough stuff. After all, showing you some of the behind-the-scenes scaffolding that I use to create my work allows you to truly walk the creative journey with me through all of its ups and downs.

Until we meet again, may we each rewrite our world for the better!


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