"Gilded Autumn" Photograph - Tap to Enlarge or Buy

“Gilded Autumn” Photograph – Tap to Enlarge or Buy

Autumn always arrives late in West Texas. Summer here begins in April and continues through early October. When the weather finally cools and trees begin to shed their leaves, there is little color change before they fall from their supporting branches. Only in the lonely cottonwood trees do we see a glorious transformation. For a handful of days in November, the leaves of the cottonwood trees turn from vibrant green to brilliant hues of gold. This rare fall treat is quite precious because there are few places in West Texas outside of the Davis Mountains that actually hold cottonwood trees in any abundance. The cooler temperatures and calmer winds created by the sheltering cliffs help these trees grow tall in an otherwise hostile environment. In summer, you might not even notice these quiet giants so dwarfed by the immense mountains surrounding them. Yet a look in the middle of November will reward the viewer with branches of gold highlighted against the deep shadows of the ridges. This perfect study in the contrast of colors is a reminder that even the most rugged places can beauty for those willing to seek it.

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