"Ice Oak Ornaments" photograph - Click to enlarge or buy.

“Ice Oak Ornaments” photograph – Click to enlarge or buy.

We’re weeks away from Christmas and, of course, I’m excited! This year I thought it might be a lot of fun for readers if I issued you all a Christmas/Winter reading challenge. My challenge is this: read 12 books by January 31. To sweeten the deal, each book must be based on a different theme which is listed below:

    Angels We Have Heard: a book with angels or heaven in it
    Candy Cane Colors: a book that has red and white or red and green on its cover
    Christmas Tree: a book that takes place in a forest
    Snowflake: a book where snow or winter is a prominent part of the story
    Sleigh Ride: a book that has horses or a sleigh in it
    Three Kings: a book with a king or kings in it
    Christmas Feast: a book which is more than 450 pages in length
    Figgy Pudding: a book which is less than 300 pages in length
    Star of Wonder: a book featuring stars either on its cover or in its title
    Under the Mistletoe: a book in which two characters fall in love
    Toy Soldier: a book with at least one battle scene in it
    Away in a Manger: a book which features the birth of Jesus Christ in some way

These books can be fiction or nonfiction (although I think the fiction would be more fun).

For better or worse, here are some of my picks:

Read them if you wish or substitute your own books.

Until next time, may we each rewrite our world for the better.


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