Sun_Power-4x6ACToday, I wanted to share this photo with everyone as a piece of encouragement. I shot this photo when my husband and I were moving from a tiny town in West Texas to the behemoth that is Dallas. We had just sold our three-bedroom house to move to a pocket-sized apartment 400 miles away. We had also discovered that some of our possessions had been destroyed in a fire while they were in transit to our new home. The rest were undergoing extensive cleaning to try to save them. So with the few possessions we had left, we headed east. This gorgeous crop of sunflowers was on Highway 82 just a few miles east of Lubbock, Texas. Of course, we had to stop so that I could capture the moment. In the middle of all of the difficulties we were going through, the sunflowers in that dirt field reminded me that beauty can grow out of even the harshest circumstances if you’re willing to let God work through the situation. Two months later and I’ve begun to see the fruit ripening out of that promise.

Until next time, may we each rewrite our world for the better!


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