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Why My Silence Wasn’t So Golden

Skinshifter_Cover_9-4x6I’ve been quiet—far too quiet. I warned blog and newsletter readers in May that I would be writing fewer website articles this summer, but I didn’t anticipate the level of online silence I’ve maintained during the month of June. In short, I’ve been living and writing in solitude more secret than High Priestess Sumari’s time with Aa. Now, finally, I can tell all of you why.

My husband and I are moving. Thank goodness I can now come right out and say it. My husband and I are packing our bags and exchanging the slow flow of rural West Texas life for the rush of Dallas, Texas. We’ve kept our decision to move largely a secret because we didn’t want to cause problems with my husband’s job before he gave formal notice of his resignation. Now that issue is solved, we can begin explaining to people what we are doing.

Three years ago, God called my husband into the ministry. This past December that calling became so insistent that we began to look at seminaries. We made the decision about which specific seminary Matt needed to attend in late April and have been steadily working to the point of an across-state move since then. In our particular case, an across-state move means hauling our belongings about 400 miles from a house to an apartment, so there is a ton of planning involved before the fateful day.

We will sorely miss our friends out here under the orange desert sky, but we are also ecstatic about the change of scenery. Living in the DFW area means that we can go to art museums, take in symphonic performances, attend writers’ group workshops, catch science fiction conventions, and enjoy a million other creatively stimulating activities without having to drive 200 miles. I personally can’t wait for shopping malls and Super Walmarts to become a regular staple of my life again. I long to replace chest-high scrub brush and cactus with actual thirty-foot-tall oak trees. I’m also thrilled to be involved in local cultural events that serve something other than off-brand beer and soda during their festivities.

Before any of these new exploits can occur, however, Matt and I have a long checklist of requirements to fulfill. I’ve spent most of the months of May and June, finishing home improvements, listing our house for sale, putting finances in order, preparing job applications, culling our belongings, showing the house, shopping for a new place to live, selling unwanted items, finishing writing projects, completing graphic design projects, shooting my last area photos, and a thousand other miscellaneous tasks. Don’t ask me about actually packing our belongings because that hasn’t happened yet. Also, if anyone in our area wants a really nice queen-sized bedroom suit or good workout equipment, let me know. We can’t move with them.

Matt and I still have some time before the actual move can occur, but not much. My writing has, unfortunately, taken a back seat to all of the moving tasks. However my publication schedule for Skinshifter and The Dryad’s Sacrifice is still right on track. Both will be released on September 25, 2015 with Amazon pre-orders available now. I’m working on the final details of Thorn and Thistle and then it too will be up for pre-order. Work on Thorn and Thistle’s sequel Sloop and Sword is crawling thanks to all of the extra work involved with the move, but I’m still confident that it will be published by the end of the year.

In truth, I am not looking forward to downsizing to a smaller living space, driving in the insane traffic, or dealing with the high cost of living that comes with this urban move, but those are things I’ll gladly embrace if it means having this chance at such great new adventures.

Until next time, may we each rewrite our world for the better!


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