When_the_Medium_Shatters-4x6I wish I had a witty blog article for today, but I don’t. After working for the past few weeks preparing Skinshifter and The Dryad’s Sacrifice for pre-order, my creative and administrative brain juices are pretty much sapped. However, what I can do is give you all a sneak peek at the chapter titles for of the stories. So here they are:

Skinshifter, Book One of the Sylvan Cycle series:

Chapter I: Metamorphosis to Massacre
Chapter II: Racing the Mist
Chapter III: A Visitor in Exile
Chapter IV: Runes and Ruins
Chapter V: A Dead King Risen?
Chapter VI: A Troll’s Hospitality
Chapter VII: Friends and Fiends
Chapter VIII: Escape to the Glen
Chapter IX: Trails and Trials
Chapter X: Waking Dreams
Chapter XI: The Parting of Paths
Chapter XII: Shifting Perceptions
Chapter XIII: The Asheken Hunters
Chapter XIV: Caerwyn
Chapter XV: Glimmers of Darkness
Chapter XVI: Azure Mercy
Chapter XVII: Scarlet Shards
Chapter XVIII: Transformations
Chapter XIX: Fang and Flame
Chapter XX: Bloodletting
Chapter XXI: Shard Sight
Chapter XXII: The Ring of Sorcerers
Chapter XXIII: Treacherous Times
Chapter XXIV: The Hatchling’s Choice

The Dryad’s Sacrifice, First Novella of the Sylvan Prelude series:

Chapter I: An Initiation Quest
Chapter II: Crossing the Gorge
Chapter III: The Fireforger’s Final Plea
Chapter IV: Gifts and Sacrifices
Chapter V: The Griffin Aerie
Chapter VI: A Desperate Journey
Chapter VII: Saboteur
Chapter VIII: To Arms!
Chapter IX: Of Love and Betrayal
Chapter X: Entrapment
Chapter XI: Crawhmongue

I’m so happy that these projects are entering the home stretch. The official release date for both Skinshifter and The Dryad’s Sacrifice will be September 25, 2015 with pre-orders coming later this month. I’ll make an official announcement as soon as pre-orders are available. I can’t wait for you to read them and tell me what you think!

Until next time, may we each rewrite our world for the better!


P.S.-My short story “When the Medium Shatters” should be available for FREE to Kindle app users on May 22nd, so watch my website for the order announcement! Thanks!

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