Kiss_of_Red_Frost-4x6ACMarch has been one mad, intense month! Between Granddaddy’s funeral, AggieCon, and various photography shoots, I have driven over 2000 miles across the state of Texas.

Granddaddy’s funeral was sad, but it went well. I was very blessed to see so many members of my extended family throughout the process. I was also fortunate enough to spend time with some of my closest friends during the week following his burial. Because so many of my loved ones are scattered far across the state, it’s difficult for all of us to get together on a regular basis.

Even with the chaos surrounding it, I had a wonderful time at AggieCon. This year marked the first time that I had a booth at the Con to showcase my books and artwork. I met several nice people and held a great giveaway contest for Con goers. Congratulations again to Sarah, the winner of a free copy of Musings and a free art print! Thanks in large part to my Eccentric Authors Guild buddies, I survived Con with minimal complications. My books sparked the interest of not one, but two publishers! I even made up my booth rent costs!

Despite Granddaddy’s death and all of the AggieCon preparation, I managed to turn in the manuscripts for Skinshifter and The Dryad’s Sacrifice to my editor on time. I also began writing Sloop and Sword, which is the sequel to Tempest Maiden series book Thorn and Thistle. I plan to spend all of April writing the rough draft of Sloop and Sword while finishing the rewrites and final formatting of Skinshifter and The Dryad’s Sacrifice. If all goes well, I’ll have both of the Sylvan series books up for pre-order by the beginning of May. Then I can start figuring out how to marketing them.

I have more work to do on Thorn and Thistle before my editor sees it. At this point though, I’m just happy that the book cover art for Skinshifter, The Dryad’s Sacrifice, and Thorn and Thistle are all finished. I can’t wait to reveal them to my newsletter subscribers in April! For now though I must continue building the basic foundation on which all of these grand plans and designs are laid: quality writing.

Until next time, may we each rewrite our world for the better!


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