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Anyway today’s excerpt comes from Skinshifter, Chapter Two: Racing the Mist. If you haven’t read the book’s first excerpt, I suggest checking that out before diving into this one. Enjoy!

Katja sat crouched upon a sun-dabbled rock surveying the forest around her while licking excess flesh from her claws and spitting fresh feathers out of her fangs. This was the sixth scrawny bird she had devoured during the morning eat, yet she was still hungry. Where was a plump doe when she needed one?

She had traveled southwest along the stream that fed into Crown Canyon and Kings’ Lake for three days now and she was growing impatient with herself for taking so long to get there. Of course, it was hard for her to run quickly across the hilly terrain, especially when she had to cover her tracks so carefully. She no longer worried about being discovered and coerced into custody by her overprotective brother. Now she had much worse troubles to fear—she was being hunted.

She had first felt the hostile presence tracking her two days ago while she was weaving along a forest path near the river. She did not know if the enemy was one creature or several, nor could she clearly see or hear it. She knew it was there because she felt its pestilent presence grow with each passing day and, despite her best efforts, she could not seem to throw it off her scent. She felt the presence mostly at night, but every so often she also caught its scent during daylight—the smell of musty decay overlapped with a hint of salt.

Katja was not one to worry needlessly, but knowing that ill intent was set against her by a nameless enemy sent her already fragile mind down some dangerous treks of thought. She knew that the faster she found Crown Canyon and its center jewel of Kings’ Lake, the better. There, inside the protection provided by the ancient Ring Spells, she hoped to find solace from evil eyes. Many of Katja’s clansmen had believed that these spells had been cast during the First War of Ages by the first Sylvan mages to insure that those with pure hearts would always find refuge from ill intent. For her own sake, and for the sake of anyone else hunted by this evil, she hoped her clansmen had been right.

Katja stood up cautiously and spit the remainder of the fuzzy feathers from between her fangs. She then hoisted her buckskin rucksack onto her back and began bounding from boulder to boulder downstream with the river once again.

I hope you liked the latest read from Skinshifter. To find out more about the book, please go HERE.

Until next time, may we each rewrite our world for the better!


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