Twirling_Ballerina_Cover-1600x2400Thanksgiving Day has come and gone and now, at last, we’re on to thoughts of manger scenes and glittery things. Finally I get to wish you a very merry Christmas!

Because I love all my readers so much and because I am so grateful for all of your support, I am sharing a precious corner of my heart with you this holiday season in the form of a fiction short story entitled “The Twirling Ballerina”. While it isn’t a Christmas story per say, it is a tale about faith, family, love, joy, and grief that is very dear to me.

Yesterday marked the actual publishing day for this special story, but this morning marked the start of its giveaway. “The Twirling Ballerina” will be FREE for 48 hours on Amazon as my early Christmas gift to you!

I hope “The Twirling Ballerina” moves you and your loved ones! Please let me know what you think of it in your reviews. Also, if you would like, please email the link to this blog article to others who might be interested in the story. I’d love to share this gift with as many people as possible while the giveaway lasts.

To get “The Twirling Ballerina” while it’s FREE, please go HERE before midnight on December 3!

The story’s excerpt is below:

The delicate ballerina spun around and around in the semidarkness. A mahogany music box was her stage and a single moonbeam was her spotlight. Loren shut her eyes and tried to listen to the gentle lullaby of the music accompanying the twirling figurine’s performance over her own ragged breathing. Watching the pale dancer delicately poised on one toe always gave her peace. Her mother had given her this fragile and fair ballerina just before she had died just as her grandmother had given it to her mother before her death. Even though it turned a little slower with each passing year, the heirloom had become more and more precious to its newest owner.


Loren’s eyes popped open to stare at the dark bedroom. The moon was gone now, but a tiny blossom of light sparkled around the twirling ballerina anyway. She sat up now and tried to focus her groggy mind on the sparkling figurine. The statue lowered its lifted foot and gracefully bowed to her then.

“Good evening, Loren! How I’ve missed you! Thank you for taking such wonderful care of the rest of the family after James and I were gone.”

“Tiffany?” Loren’s eyes widened as the little dancer nodded, winked, and then resumed its previous spinning posture.

Loren turned her head to look at Christina, who was sleeping in the bed beside her. Her exhausted daughter had not even flinched when the ballerina had talked. Loren frowned and lay against her pillow once more.

She looked back at the ballerina and found it twirling to its little lullaby just as it had always done. Had she imagined Tiffany’s voice? Had she imagined the statuette bowing to her? She stared at the figure, but the light that had bathed it just moments ago was gone now. The ever-present melody from the music box kept playing its soft lullaby, but she swore she had heard her dead sister’s words: “I love you” echoing in its lilting tune.

Until next time, may we each rewrite our world for the better!


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