Afternoon_Reflections_4x6ACIt’s day four of NaNoWriMo and I have lots of projects to finish in addition to writing my daily word count. Some of the items on my to-do list include voting, formatting “The Twirling Ballerina” short story for publication, and processing the last of the photos from last week’s shoot. Consequently my blog article today will be short. In fact, I expect most of my posts this month and next to be brief. Even so, I hope to update my NaNoWriMo page in the Fan Corner every day so that you can watch my writing progress as the month continues. Wish me luck!

I had planned to have an excerpt from “The Twirling Ballerina” for you to read today, but I’ll have to hold that until later this month. However, I am excited to announce that the short story’s publication date will be December 1, 2014. So mark your calendars! For now, I hope you enjoy another excerpt from my in-progress novella Thorn and Thistle.

Captain Thornton Tarok took the steps up to the Tempest Maiden’s main deck two at a time in search of his brilliant first mate and navigator. He found Mani near the ship’s wheel, plying over a chart by lamplight.

“Are we on course for the Outer Coast?”

“Aye, Captain.” the ebony-skinned man replied without taking his eyes from the chart. Slowly his gaze met his leader’s. “Are we really to keep the lady until Forsa, sir?”

“Aye, that we are. Why?”

Mani shuddered. “Our fortunes be darkened while she is aboard, sir. The Jewel Sea is a jealous mistress.”

Thorn nodded. “I know the perils, Mani. But I also made a vow to Ebenezer that I cannot break even if it risks the sea’s and the mermaids’ fury.”

Mani scowled and twisted his hands in front of his chest to form a holy symbol of protection. Thorn put a calloused hand on the man’s shoulder. “What do you see, my friend?”

The man’s milky-brown eyes grew distant and troubled as he stared up at the pale stars. “I see storm and sloop descending upon us, a wrong that must be righted, and a terrible sacrifice that must be made for us to endure that comes against us.” He shook his head to clear his seer’s vision. “I feel those events are distant yet, but tread carefully, Captain. You stand at the edge of a den of asps.”

Thorn frowned. “Are we safe to go to Essot Isle?”

Mani turned back to his contemplation of the chart and slowly nodded. “Indeed I think we must. There is a strange force guiding our path whose ways I cannot see, but our way is clear and our cause is good. For now at least, the sea is obliging.”

Until next time, may we each rewrite our world for the better!


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