Gossamer_Beauty-AC4x6Hi, everyone! Sorry I’m so late in posting this. I would love to tell all of you some witty and charming excuse as to why my blog article is coming this late on a Tuesday, but the truth is that I flat forgot that it was Tuesday!

Anyway, for today’s photography lesson I wanted to show you one of the photos I shot while I was visiting South Texas last week. I had some time to shoot one afternoon and so my camera and I investigated the drainage creek running behind the Weslaco hotel where I was staying. The entire area had become this amazing microcosm of a wetland with cattails, tall grass, willows, flowering shrubs, fungus, frogs, ducks, fishing birds, water bugs and more. There were tons of dragonflies all around and I was lucky enough to get one of them to pose for me. The result was the best dragonfly portrait photo that I’ve ever shot!

I took this particular photo with an f-stop of f/8, a slow shutter speed of 1/160 seconds, a medium intensity ISO speed of 400, a long focal length of 300mm (i.e. I drug out the big zoom lens for this shot), and no flash. Since I was shooting under an overcast sky, I did use Photoshop to punch up the color a bit. However, what you see in the finished photo is practically identical to the colors that I saw when the sun was out earlier that day. I hope you all like the photo. If you have any questions about the technical aspects of it or want to know more about how to shoot something like it, let me know.

Until next time, may we each rewrite our world for the better!


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