MasterpieceLoading4x5ACThe wait is finally over…for the cover at least. We have a mere 17 days before MUSINGS is released out into the wild world at large. The short story collection is already available for pre-order in select stores and Advanced Reader Copies are being shipped to contest winners as we speak. Consequently I think it’s definitely time to reveal this beautiful book’s cover. Before I do so though, I want to tell all of you a little about the cover’s genesis. Last week I mentioned that the MUSINGS cover has something to do with a poem included in the book. I have included that special poem below. I encourage you to read the poem before clicking on the MUSINGS book cover link at the end so that you have a full appreciation for the words that inspired the book’s name and its compelling cover art.


Butterflies float over cracked earth
Along a creek that is no more.
Their wings wink into twilight
Beyond the fractured far shore.

A dragon soars above me,
Its scarlet wings burning bright
As the last gold rays of sunlight
Guide it on into the night.

The fireflies greet me then
In the cool of autumn’s day.
They add a touch of fairy light
To the streaming Milky Way.

I sit beneath the thorn tree
And gaze at the purple sky.
There between sand and starlight
All my musings finally fly.

Click HERE to see the MUSINGS book cover.

Want to pre-order the book? Use the links below:
Pre-order through Barnes and Noble
Pre-order through Smashwords

Unfortunately, print and Amazon Kindle editions of MUSINGS cannot be pre-ordered due to some weird distribution rules, but they will be available on the official release date of June 20. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Until next time, may we each rewrite our world for the better!


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