Twig_Sunset-4x6ACToday I am proud to announce two very important events. The first is that I am giving away 10 free Advanced Reader Copies of MUSINGS today! The second is that next Tuesday’s blog will finally reveal the book’s cover for all of you who have been dying to see it!

I will give away a free ARC of MUSINGS to each of the first 10 interested people who contact me today. To win a book, just fill out the contact form and send me the address where you want the book sent. I can send either a print copy or an eBook copy (Kindle .mobi or .epub file) to you, so be sure to mention which version works best for you. All I ask of the winners is that each of you read the book and post an honest review on, Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, or another such site. That way other readers know what to expect from the book. Thank you all so much!

Now, I’m off to prepare for the upcoming MUSINGS cover unveiling next week. The cover is so beautiful that I can barely stand to keep it secret another minute, but I’m being good so that you can have the best surprise possible! Before I go, though, I will give you one hint: the MUSINGS cover has something to do with a poem included in the book.

Until next time, may we each rewrite our world for the better!


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