Winter_Flower_Silhouettes-AC4x6Ever have one of those weeks in which everything actually goes absolutely right? That, thankfully, was my week last week. To say that I was pleasantly shocked is an understatement. In fact, I still haven’t ceased smiling.

The happiness began on Monday when I was able to do a beautiful sunrise photo shoot for a client. Despite the temperature being about 35 degrees Fahrenheit, I managed to get a batch of 25 good photos of an oil field work camp uploaded for the client’s review. I still have more to do to finish the project, but I’m very happy with my work so far. After I got back to the office and thawed out a bit from the cold, I continued to organize the contents for Musings in preparation for the manuscript’s critique by my editor. I also called the dental specialist that my husband was scheduled to see in late February. When I asked if there was any way to move his appointment up since he was in so much pain, the assistant said that she had just had a cancellation for Wednesday morning and asked if he could come at 8 a.m. My answer was “Absolutely!”

On Tuesday, I successfully wrote and posted my “Angling Your Perspective” Flashes of Perspective photography lesson and then began processing all of the best photos from the shoot on Monday. Tuesday also caught me pondering some of the advice some of my friends had given me the night before during dinner. They had counseled me not allow myself to draw away from others in the midst of my sorrow and that advice really made sense. Sadness often makes me feel like I’m alone in the world and that no one really understands what I’m feeling. In the midst of my grief, I had forgotten how many other people know my pain. No, not everyone in the world knows what it’s like to cope with having a best friend made an invalid by brain trauma, but all of us will experience the death of someone we love sometime in our lifetimes: friends, parents, grandparents, uncles, sisters, spouses, and more. When I’m reminded of the simple fact that everyone knows at least a little of my pain, it helps me straighten out my own jumbled feelings so that I can encourage others as they deal with their own grief. After all, we have to deal with the problems caused by this broken world, so we might as well walk through life together.

Wednesday dawned at 5:30 a.m. as Matt and I woke up, dressed, and drove to Odessa for his dental appointment. When we left the dentist’s office around 10 a.m., my husband was already feeling far better than he had in three weeks. This fact cheered me up more than any other thing. Three hours later we were home with medicine, groceries, and Chinese take-out. I was able to get a little writing done that afternoon before Bible study. After church, the evening included a quiet dinner, TV watching, and book reading.

On Thursday and Friday, I finished processing and uploading Monday’s best photos for my clients and writing over 2000 words on my novel Dreamdrifter. I also completed reading of Lisa Shearin’s highly entertaining book The Grendel Affair: A SPI Files Novel and playing a little Minecraft. I was so proud that I finally found a believable way to get my book’s characters out of the oubliette-style dungeon where they were trapped. To add to my overall excitement, I finally managed to finish weaving a couple of loose plot strands back into the main storyline!

I ended the week with a magnificent sunset shoot of the wild scrub-brush country a few miles south of the tiny town of Toyah, Texas. Sunsets are some of Bekah’s and my favorite things to watch, so photographing Saturday’s fiery sky proved quite therapeutic despite all the hard work it took for me to do the shoot. The photo at the beginning of this post is from that session. I captured the photo while teetering on a boulder halfway down a grassy embankment. Even with the cool breeze, I was sweating by the time I was in the right position for this specific shot. I didn’t mind though. The beauty in quiet moments is always worth the effort needed to achieve them.

Until our next meeting, may we each rewrite our world for the better!

🙂 Alycia

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