Alycia Christine Sears (a.k.a. Alycia C. Cooke)

Alycia Christine Sears (a.k.a. Alycia C. Cooke)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! This week is such a special week for me because it offers an opportunity for me to thank God very specifically for the many blessings He has given me. Above all of the many material things with which God has blessed my husband and me (a comfortable home, decent health, enough money to provide for our needs, etc.), we are fortunate enough to have each other and a family that loves and supports us. I can’t wait to spend this beautiful holiday with our family members and friends.

Because I want you to have the same opportunity, there will be no lesson today. Instead I have put together a special FOP blog post with photos of things for which I am thankful. Enjoy.

I am thankful for:

The joys of art and creativity:

A working government:

Quiet, thoughtful moments:

My wonderful, creative, frustrating, crazy job:

The Lone Star State which I call home:

The people who grow my food and make my clothes, so I don’t have to:

Moments of entertainment:

My freedom:

Those who put their lives on the line to protect me and my freedom (Thank you, Husband, Dad, Uncle, Grandfathers, friends, and blessed strangers):

A well-build, comfortable home:


The freedom to believe and worship as I wish:

The opportunities to witness the magnificence of nature:

That this guy isn’t still around:

The beauty, steadfastness, and unity of love:

The brilliance of color:

Spending time with family and friends:

Reliable transportation and the open road:

Receiving some of the coolest toys:


The changing seasons:

That a rainbow always follows the storm:

What Jesus Christ did for all of us (Read Isaiah 53, Romans 5 and 6, John 3):

Finally I am thankful for all of you. Thank you for your support and encouragement of me as I continue this crazy quest called self-employment. You truly help make my life golden!

Until we meet again, I wish all of you brilliant flashes of perspective!

[ O*] Alycia