RunningWithTheHerd-AC4x6Last week I found an article by speculative fiction author John Scalzi entitled “Ten Additional Things I Have Done that You (Probably) Haven’t”. Overcome with curiosity, I clicked on the post’s link and discovered a list of things which was equal parts funny, serious, weird, and inspiring. I just had to create such a list of my own to share with all of you today, so here is my version of Mr. Scalzi’s original post. I hope you enjoy it!

I have:

1. Created a fake language loosely based on the Texas German dialect. (It is still in progress.)

2. Had the first fiction short story that I ever submitted for publication actually accepted on the first attempt and introduced as the lead story of the anthology.

3. Married my husband on my grandfather’s 90th birthday. (We gave Grandpa his own personal birthday cake during the wedding reception.)

4. Had one of my art photos featured on a screen in Times Square as part of an international art exhibition.

5. “Slime skated” down a zoo’s empty flamingo habitat pond while cleaning it. (I promptly bruised my hip after the first successful attempt.)

6. Photographed historic Fort Davis and photographed present-day cowboys herding horses across one of the oldest working ranches in Texas along with Official Texas State Photographer Wyman Meinzer.

7. Had a gopher family in my backyard and a wolf hybrid next door while I was living in the middle of a city.

8. Met and watched Grandmaster Sekiguchi Komei, the 21st direct-line headmaster of Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryua, teach a iaijutsu (traditional Japanese sword fighting) class in my sensei’s own dojo.

9. Celebrated my 21st birthday on Bourbon Street in New Orleans just 10 months before the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. (I still have the Pat O’Brien’s souvenir glass from the celebration.)

10. Caught and released a live bat that was trapped in my own dorm hall. (I was a freshman at Texas A&M University at the time. I found it flying around on the fourth floor of my dormitory, so I put on a pair of gloves and trapped it with a mesh laundry bag when it finally landed. Neither it nor I was injured during its capture or its subsequent release in the park area outside.)

Do you have your own list of ten things you’ve done that other people probably haven’t? Please share it with me in the comment thread and keep the conversation going!

Until our next meeting, may we each rewrite our world for the better!

🙂 Alycia

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