Inuksuk_Singular_AC4x6So far my September has seen lots of sniffling, many hours of photo processing, and a little writing. My husband and I got back from vacation on August 27, rested two days, repacked, and then spent Labor Day Weekend in Lubbock with my family. While there I developed a killer sinus infection which left me pretty much useless for half of last week. I muscled through the blog post last Tuesday, but didn’t work on any other writing or photography until Wednesday afternoon. Thursday saw me working on a fiction story called “Thorn and Thistle” and Friday found me sorting through the last of the 2700 or so photos I took on our Alaska Vacation.

I apologize that I have been unable to upload any additional photos from the trip besides last week’s blog photo “Totems to the Sky” and this week’s blog photo “Inuksuk Singular”. Processing the best photos from the trip has been very slow because I am being extra picky with which photos I want to include on the website. Incidentally, for those of you interested in purchasing my photos, I suggest doing so now. I am about to make a major cull of photos off the website to make room for the trip photos and I cannot guarantee which ones will be left standing when the dust clears.

Also look for a special issue of the Flashes of Perspective blog next week as your guide to my Alaskan adventures and all of the beautiful photos I shot while on tour. Today I will continue our discussion of SCRAWLS writing advice.

In our previous writing lesson we discussed how to cut your giant problems down to size. Today let’s talk about how to keep confidence in your writing.

Lesson 4: Don’t ever compare yourself to others.

I am a slow writer. Every time I sit down to write, I have to battle three different disabilities: dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, and perceptual dysfunction disorder. I’ll spare you the boring details of what each of these things do, but basically they all interfere with my ability to read in one way or another. Consequently I have made every imaginable excuse as to why I am not fit as a writer. And, guess what, they are all lies. I can write, I write well, and I love to write. In the end, these are the only reasons I need to be a writer. Writing is not always easy nor is it always fun, but it is always fulfilling and rewarding. I know some authors who write four or five times faster than I; most write at least twice as fast as I. Many of them write with more punctuation and spelling accuracy in their first draft as I do on my third! After years of comparing myself to others, I realized that it just was not worth the frustration it causes. I will always write slower and less accurately than some authors, but I will also write faster and “better” than others. In the end, no one else can write exactly the way I do or care to write about the same subjects that I like.

My writing is unique and that uniqueness is what makes it special. Your uniqueness is what makes your writing special. Do not ever let anyone try to change your writing unique voice to make it sound like someone else’s. God did not make you to be anyone other than you. Therefore you should be proud of the person that you are and the writing that you do. By all means, hone your craft and better your skills. Study correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. so that your stories are technically well-written and therefore easier for others to read, but always be true to your own writing style!

Until our next meeting, may we each rewrite our world for the better.

🙂 Alycia

P.S. – I will continue reorganizing the website and my photography website through the end of September. Don’t forget to order your photo prints this week before I begin culling photos off the photography website. Expect more of the Alaska photos on the photography website on Tuesday, September 17, 2013. Thanks!

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