Chosen_Sacrifice_ACC-1563x2500Good day, everyone! I hope my post finds you all enjoying life! Today I have an excerpt from the short story “Chosen Sacrifice”. This is one of my short stories that I offer through Smashwords, so if you enjoy the excerpt and wish to know how the story ends, please look for the full story on Smashwords or buy it as part of the the Musings story collection!

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“Dragons, lend me your speed,” the emperor’s winged herald whispered as she pumped her mechanical wings hard to avoid a craggy peak. The cold wind clawed at her simple brown robes, but Miya flew on heedless of the discomfort. She raced the waning daylight across the cloud-cloaked mountains and prayed that she would safely cross the Demon Realm’s northern border long before Mother Earth consumed Father Sun.
Fear gripped her as she watched the fiery orb that was the dragons’ home descend toward the horizon. How could she hope to survive if her enemies found her in the open without the aid of Father Sun’s light? The human flapped her wings harder despite her increasing fatigue.
As she flew over a second outcropping, a sudden crimson flash illuminated the clouds around her and searing pain engulfed Miya’s right shoulder. The winged human screamed and plummeted out of the gray sky as witch fire raced along her flesh and robes. High Priest Yoshiro’s stern face flashed before her tear-soaked vision as she fell.
“Father!” the human screamed as moist billows gave way to unyielding stone.
As the mountain rushed toward her, Miya rolled her uninjured shoulder and flipped her wings open in time to avoid crashing headlong into its rocky precipice. Her efforts, however, could not save her from landing in the twisted little pine blocking an otherwise direct glide to the ground. The resulting snap of branches around her small body was sickening.
The dragons’ chosen warrior dropped out of the small tree and groaned. She felt both grateful and furious toward the heavy cloud bank, which had extinguished the devouring flames and yet concealed the perilous mountains just beneath it.
“That was too close a dance with death,” she panted as she sat up from the gray dirt. Her shaking hands rubbed her slightly swollen belly. “Far too close…”


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