Sun_Dabbled_Dune-AC4x6The past four weeks have been a flurry of activity. As always my life is just the way I like it: busy and productive. Since the last update, I have:

  • Implemented all of the edits from two of my beta readers on Skinshifter
  • Reworked half of the Skinshifter Appendices in accordance to my beta readers’ suggestions and my own edits
  • Edited one half of Skinshifter’s dialogue, half of its punctuation, and all of its foreign language
  • Sent off my novelette “Elza and Eliza” for edits
  • Oversaw the last changes to the 130th West of the Pecos Rodeo program and received the final printed version
  • Worked three nights as part of the volunteer staff running the 130th West of the Pecos Rodeo
  • Wrote and published three blog posts: one photography post dealing with “Horizontal and Vertical Photos”, one story excerpt from First Fruits: 31 Flashes of Biblical Perspective, and a personal review of the movie Man of Steel
  • Completed two photo shoots: one for a passport photo, and one for advertising (Both of these were private shoots, so their photos will not be posted on the website. Sorry.)
  • Discussed and scheduled a vacation with my husband to Alaska in August (I have never been, so I am super excited!)
  • Built a home gym system (The build took my husband and me twelve hours!)
  • Read all of Hugh Howey’s Wool Omnibus (The omnibus includes parts 1 through 5 of the Silo Saga. I thoroughly enjoyed the read.)
  • Went on a Walk to Emmaus (Fellow Christians, if you have not gone on a Walk, please do so! It was such an encouraging and cleansing reminder of Jesus Christ’s love for me and why I call him my personal superhero!)
  • Had to visit the doctor’s office for an abscess on my leg (After dealing with it for over a week, the vile thing is finally starting to heal.)

My goals for the next four weeks are:

  • Finish all personal and beta reader’s edits for Skinshifter and “Elza and Eliza”
  • Write at least 2 new chapters of Dreamdrifter
  • Continue building and organizing the Musings anthology
  • Get ready for vacation!

Until we meet again, I wish you all a blessed week.

🙂 Alycia

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