LadysSlipperOrchidAC4x6Many things are happening at once. AggieCon 44 is in two weeks (March 22-24) and not only I have been invited to share my artwork as part of the event’s art show, but I was also asked to participate in the Iron Artist speaker panel. While readying multiple pieces of artwork for the event, I continue creating content for the Musings anthology, Dreamdrifter novel, and website. In addition to these tasks, I have been hired as a consultant on the Total Nerd Takeover (TNT) podcasting project and the 2013 West of the Pecos Rodeo show program. I am busy, to say the least. Hopefully by the end of the month, I will have all my ducks in a row and will finally be able to announce an official release date for Musings.

Some of you are probably wondering why I have decided to switch websites from to my new site after working with the former site for only a few months. The answer is threefold: money, site flexibility, and marketability. I discovered very quickly that using WordPress would be far more cost-effective than continuing my old sites and, which are both powered through Weebly. While Weebly’s website building system is very simple and user-friendly, it lacks some of the customization features that I now prize in a website creator. Also the name of itself is harder to market than the slightly simpler The scant month that I have been working on this website, I have already seen better search engine results for the new website than for the old website and this encourages me that I made the right decision to move hosts and change domain names.

Since I have moved websites, I have decided to consolidate all of my trickling blogs: “Odds and Ends”, “Flashes of Perspective”, and “Ink Blots and Tea Stains” into one steady information stream, I think it is only fair that I give my entire collection of entries one cohesive name. So here it is: the Seared Cookie Report: one Artist-Writer’s Labored Soliloquy or SCRAWLS for short.

I chose this nomenclature as a play on both of my two pen-names: Alycia Christine Sears and Alycia C. Cooke. I believe the blog name and its acronym fit the duality of my life very well. As a photographer and a doodler, I am an artist. Yet as an author of fiction and nonfiction, I am a writer. Likewise the word “scrawls” acronym could refer to my drawings or my writings.

One of the unique features of is that I now have the ability to create a wider variety of sub-pages. This exciting fact has led me to create special pages for the books Skinshifter and Dreamdrifter. Not only will these dedicated book pages hold synopsis and story tidbits, but I also hope to link illustrated maps, full casts of characters, and a mini-dictionary of special terms to these pages. My goal with all of this work is to make sure that when the series is published, readers have a great place to go for extra information about the worlds described in these novels.

Over the next few months, I will be adding as many sketches, graphics, photos, and other pieces of art work to the website in as many different areas as I can. I want to make the site as welcoming and vibrant to viewers as possible, so if you have any suggestions please tell me.

In the end, I hope to design a virtual space dedicated to people who love art, seek truth, and are passionate about all things fantastical. I long to use my work to help inspire and encourage each of you throughout all of life’s extremes.

Thank you so much for dropping in and, as always, please visit with me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and GoodReads anytime.

Enjoy and welcome to!

The Seared Cookie Report: one Artist-Writer’s Labored Soliloquy (SCRAWLS) is brought to you from the desk of Alycia Christine Sears and/or Alycia C. Cooke with love and virtual baked goods for all. Please let me know your thoughts on this particular topic and, as always, if there is any subject you wish me to discuss, email it to me. Thanks!