AcornHullACS2x3My photography website holds features 10 new photos dispersed into the “Holiday”, “Growing Green”, “Scapes”, “Skybound”, and “Earthbound” galleries. I hope you enjoy them!

Also thank you to all who visited the Midland Community Theatre to view and buy my work. My work was taken down on Monday to make room for a next artist’s work, but I hope to show there again soon.

For those in the College Station area, I will be attending AggieCon during March 23-25. At this time, I am unsure whether I will be on any writing or artist discussion panels; however, I will participate in the Art Show. Please visit for more information about the annual event.

In other announcements, I continue my work on the e-book First Fruits which I hope to have edited and on the market by Easter (April 8) this year. The book will include 31 of my photos as well as poetry, prose, and devotional sections meant for daily use. More details to come. I continue to make progress in leaps and bounds writing Dreamdrifter even while I resubmit Skinshifter for publication.

Until we meet again, may your ink blots be liberal and your tea stains tiny.

[~]D Alycia