PatriotismACS4x6Life, and consequently writing, finds me rather emotional of late.

On December 17, my best friend collapsed while shopping at the mall with one of her friends. Doctors discovered that she had had a severe brain aneurism and, despite emergency surgery, they did not expect her to live through the night. My husband and I drove to see her and the family that weekend and experienced firsthand the miracles that God can do. Not only did she survive, but her brain stem went from being completely functionless to communicating so well with her body that she was breathing without the help of a ventilator within a week of the aneurism’s occurrence.

She has since been transferred to a world-renown brain rehabilitation center in Colorado. A feat that, in and of itself, is a miracle because only one bed opened up within the facility at the exact time that she needed to be transferred for specialized care.

While my best friend has been healing, I have been traveling and grieving. Christmas weekend found the hubby and me at his parent’s house in south Texas. New Year’s weekend found my mother and me visiting my best friend and her family in the Texas Panhandle. The weekend after that, my husband and I stayed at my parents’ house to celebrate a belated Christmas with my side of the family. Two days later, my grandpa died at the age of 93 and 1/2. We buried him on January 13 near Waco and then I drove to Dallas to see a friend of mine who just returned from Iraq.

Due to the insane schedules and my raw emotions, January 15-21 was the first week in 2012 that allowed me enough time and mental stability to write more than 300 words of Dreamdrifter on any single day. I wrote 766 words on January 17, 917 on January 18, 1194 on January 19, 897 on January 20, 1299 on January 23, 1025 on January 24, 335 on January 25, 319 on January 27, and 331 on February 1. Obviously, I’ve seen good days and bad, but that is to be expected. The past week has proved a particularly hard writing time because I was dealing with a series of extremely serious character scenes that hit quite close to home emotionally. Yesterday was a better day than the several previous and I finished with over 800 fiction words added to the novel. Today, I will forgo work on Dreamdifter so that I can finish the last of several photography projects.

Until we meet again, may your ink blots be liberal and your tea stains tiny.

[~]D Alycia