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Getting Dirty at Home

This is the weekend for dirty thoughts…well, okay not just dirty thoughts, but dirty deeds and even a few choice dirty words. As I mentioned in my last entry, we have several projects to accomplish before we can actually make mainly our newly-purchased house our home. More than anything the house needs deep cleaning as it was home to smokers before we found it.

I will give only one cautionary word to smokers. Quit! The walls, floors, and ceilings of this house are coated with a greasy yellow residue and if it’s this bad in a building, I don’t even want to think about the toxic layers in a person’s lungs. Interestingly, we met the sellers during closing and I have never seen a more prune-like pair of people. Talk about premature aging! I could tell that they had smoked religiously for years because they both looked like they were in their 100s instead of in their 60s! But I digress.

In any event, since my husband and I cannot stand the house’s current stench, we called the professionals to help us clean up. I am happy to report that the house’s deplorable smoke/nicotine stench was dramatically reduced by Blackman-Mooring’s cleaning of the air ducts. I also highly recommend the use of an ozone production machine to anyone needing to de-fume a building (provided you can forbid access to the place during the machine’s use).

Once B-M finished the preliminary cleaning, my husband and I vowed to scrape the ceilings and re-paint every inch of interior to obliterate the last vestiges of cigarette stench. Since my parents were gracious enough to offer their assistance this weekend, the four of us tackled the house together.

Saturday meant that Dad and Matt lived on ladders and Mom and I stayed on our knees. The men scraped blackened popcorn from the once white ceilings while the women wiped down the walls with a bleach compound to remove the smoker stains. The day’s end found the dining room, kitchen, living room, laundry room and office all with scraped ceilings. Meanwhile the walls of the dining room, living room, and laundry room were all washed by quitting time plus most of the master bath’s wallpaper had been removed.

We were very tired when dinner finally happened, but also very proud of ourselves. Sunday will be more of the same work. Hopefully all ceilings will be scraped and all walls will be washed by sundown. And then patching, priming and painting must begin.


A New House, A New Home


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  1. Eeeew. Good luck, dude. That sounds hideous. At least my heavily smoking aunt has the good graces to go outside when she wants to light up.

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