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I wanted to give you all an update on my life’s currently events. As most of you know, my husband started law enforcement training in late June. I am proud to report that he has excelled in almost every aspect of his new education. Our time apart had been stressful and a bit lonely, but I’m grateful that we get to see one another every three or four weeks. Matt will likely finish training in mid-November. Once he’s finished, we have roughly a week to move to his new assigned post (likely a small West Texas town). Obviously this year’s Thanksgiving will likely be spent unpacking instead of pursuing turkey-eating contests with family, but such is life. In other news, my job as an Animal Care Specialist is going well if a bit stressful. Lately I’ve clocked a lot of overtime since we’re training new people for the department. I do enjoy the work (After all, where else would I get to walk around with a parrot on my shoulder?), but I look forward to a job with better working hours and pay. I will likely quit at the beginning of October so that I can prepare for the upcoming move and so I can make some house-hunting trips. Matt and I will either rent or buy a house. I am still unsure of what jobs will be available, but if nothing else happens I can at least do substitute teaching for a little while.
As far as my fiction writing is concerned, I just started working on the rough draft of Dreamdrifter, which is the sequel to my first novel Skinshifter that I finished in February 2009. I have put off editing that novel until I’m a little further into this one so that I can double-check storyline flow. In truth, writing has been really hard lately because I come home so exhausted from work each day. I’m hopeful that October will help refocus my energies creatively so that I can get back to back to my daily 500-1000 words writing sessions again. We’ll see what happens.
I hope everyone is doing well. I look forward reading to everyone’s updates.
🙂 Alycia




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  1. Glad everything is going well! Good luck with the upcoming move.

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