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Several things have happened in the last two months. Here are my thoughts in each major event.
🙂 Alycia

AggieCon 40:
One of the biggest events was AggieCon 40, which I attended on the last weekend of March. I met some wonderful authors there including: Teresa Patterson, Robert Stikmanz, and, of course, the ever humorous and gracious Todd McCaffrey. I also met an incredible illustrator and video game graphic designer named Kristen Perry, who was kind enough to critique my photography during one of her panels. Another first for me was selling my photography and graphic art in the AggieCon Art Show. I’m proud to say that I sold three pieces and received lots of compliments as well. I had a wonderful time discussing world building, language, and characters’ cultures with Robert Stikmanz and was treated to an engaging reading by Teresa Patterson. Todd also added his own brand of fun  when he acted as moderator for several rounds of the infamous game “Werewolf” and the hilarious panel “Delphic Oracle.”

A couple weeks after I got back from AggieCon and College Station, my husband and I invited my parents to stay with us for Easter Weekend. Instead of going out to an Easter brunch buffet as is customary in my family, I cooked for everyone. I usually make a wonderful pot roast, but the one for Easter was exceptional because I used lamb leg steak instead of beef chuck roast. The roast had all of the usual veggies (carrots, potatoes, red onions, garlic, and cilantro) and seasonings (salt, pepper, cayenne, rosemary, oregano, and onion powder) but I added a little wine to the sauce and the chardonnay sauvignon really took the flavor to a whole new level. Mom is still talking about that meal. It makes me so proud because that was the first time that I have ever cooked for my parents. I come from a great line of cooks on my mom’s side starting with my great granny, so it’s nice to know that I can carry on that family tradition.

By some scheduling miracle, Matt and I were both able to go to Aggie Muster in San Angelo this year. The tradition of Muster for me is always a strange mix of joy and sadness because it is a time both to celebrate being an Aggie and to honor those Texas A&M University graduates who have passed from this world never to return. I know of no other college that takes camaraderie among its alumni and students so seriously. I love it!

Married Life:
I’ll say one thing about married life, it rocks! I love waking up to my best friend every morning! We have our minor frustrations with one another such as who’s going to do the dishes after supper, but overall I love having Matt as my husband and he loves having me as his wife.

Gunn Writing Class:
As of yesterday, my “Space Junkers” story is finished, edited, and posted for class critiques. A total of nine stories total will be critiqued this week. Mine is the fifth story to be submitted.

Life in a Pet Shop:
I’m sure there will be a lot of entries about my day job as an animal care specialist, but I will preface them with this: my perceptions of animals have been thoroughly shattered during the last two months…and continue to be re-shattered every day. The most basic example: I can say from personal experience that hamster bites are more vicious (and often more painful) than snake bites. Considering the fact that every snake worth its salt would gladly eat a hamster, I find this ironic. I also find it ironic that most people believe hamsters make great pets even though most would prefer to run from or bite their handlers over being held. Most captive-bred snakes and rats show less fear of humans, enjoy being held, and provide smarter companionship. By the way, this is a new conviction of mine because I did not like snakes or rats before I started this job.

A Fashion Guide for Nerds:
I have found a wonderful collection of Web sites that cover everything from women’s hairstyles to clothing basics. Check them out!

Face Shapes:

Women’s short hairstyles:

Women’s short, medium, and long hairstyles:

Women’s clothing tips:

Men’s short hairstyles:

Men’s clothing tips:


Creative Writing and James Gunn


Gunn’s Class and Writing in General…


  1. hamster bites are more vicious (and often more painful) than snake bites

    And now you see why, despite their indescribable cuteness, I will never own hamsters again 😛 Also, rats rule!

    Also, thanks for the hairstyle thing, I’m going to get my hair chopped off again next week and need something new!

    • Hehe, yay rats! I especially like Dumbo Rats. I’m also become really attached to one of the snakes on our sales floor. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would like a snake or think it sweet, but our California Kingsnake is both sweet and curious about everything.

      Anyway, what did you decide to do with your hair?

      • Dumbo rats are adorable. I don’t think I’ve mentioned to anyone other than Scott, but I’m planning to get two more in late June/early July. I’m thinking of going through a rat rescue, since I found out there’s one based not five miles from my house.

        Oh, snakes can be adorable. They’re not my ideal pet, but they’re awesome nonetheless.

        Not entirely sure, but I have another week to decide!

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