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The Beauty of Your Hair, Part 3:

I have been dubbed a nerd with a fashion sense. I believe that taking pride in how I dress allows others to see the beauty and confidence in me! I am offering this series of fashion articles for those who want to improve their look and self-esteem. Please join me…

We talked about learning to how to frame your face using your hair in the last article. Now I want to delve more deeply into the relationship between the beauty of your hair and your face.

Why care…

Your hair can either distract or attract people to your face. A person who has self-image issues will often hide behind a mane of weird or boring hair to keep others from getting too close. While it is natural to need a social comfort zone, using your hair or your clothes to create a barrier between yourself and other people is counterproductive. After all, how many friendships are you losing because good people can’t see past your tough façade? Getting the cleaner, happier hair cut is one way to start tearing down those barriers and to show others (and yourself) that you are too good to hide from their eyes.

Looking Wise: Hair Color…

Hair color can be as important as the cut. If your hair is blue with pink streaks, others will notice your hair and not your smiling face. Conversely, people will again notice your hair over your face if your hair is halfway through a dye faze so one part is brown and the other part is blonde.

Your hair color should complement your skin tone. Some people are born with perfect matching hair and skin. I was one of them until junior high. I was born with strawberry blonde hair that complemented my pale skin beautifully. Then my hair started darkening with age to become a dull mousy brown which makes my skin look sallow. To combat the problem I started dyeing my hair to match its original color.

From my own experiences, I advise you to stick with highlights of your desired color rather than an all-out wash. Highlights are easier and cheaper to maintain than an all-around color job. They add depth and dimension to an otherwise boring color and allow the wearer to look great in a variety of clothing colors. Highlights also look more natural, which usually looks more professional. In general the following combos work well together: black hair with chocolate brown highlights, brown hair with red highlights, red hair with dark blonde highlights, and dark blonde hair with either red highlights or lighter blonde highlights. Do not do a first highlight job on your own! Get your hair dyed by a professional first so that you can watch how he or she does it. If you are feeling very confident, then you can attempt the dastardly deed yourself.

I will make one note for my friends who prefer zanier colors than the usual blonde, brown, red, black, and gray. I have seen only one case in which a woman with blue hair actually looked cute. The reason she was able to pull it off was because the blue hair color exactly matched her eyes and was done in very subtle streaks immediately around her face. I thought it looked quite beautiful, but I still noticed that most people did not take her seriously upon first glance. She would probably get a better response if the blue was changed to a rust red which would be a neat contrast to her eyes and add dimension to her dark brown hair. She could also use a white streak just around the face to contrast her hair. These are just my thoughts on the matter.

A last note on do-it-yourself dyes. Make sure to read carefully and follow all instructions given. Do not leave dyes in for longer than the recommended time! Doing so could cause terrible damage to your hair and scalp. In some cases, severe chemical burns can result from over-exposure to the harsh dyes.

Myths and Legends:

-Good hair starts with the roots. TRUE! Because your hair continuously grows, keeping your roots healthy is just as important as taking care of the rest of your locks. The right shampoo, conditioner, and styling products are essential for this.

-Long hair looks good on everyone. FALSE! Whether you can wear long hair or short hair successfully depends half on your face-shape and half on your hair type. Remember just because a hairdo is in style, does not mean it’s your style.

-Curling hair takes a ton of time and tools. FALSE! Hot-Hair Stylers or Hot-Air Brushes are not expensive. They can style most neck-length hair styles in under 20 minutes using only one brush head.

Okay, we have finally finished talking about the hair surrounding the face. Next time we’ll talk about hair on the face.

Good dyeing!


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