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Updates: New Job

Howdy to all!

I hope everyone is doing well! I have some happy news for all of you. After five months of searching I found a new job! I started work as a Pet Care Specialist with PetSmart yesterday! The pay is not great, but the company offers unbelievable employee benefits as well as room for promotion. Since I love animals and have worked with them in various care-giving capacities since junior high, I think the job will be really fun. The people I have met so far are quite nice. Right now I’m shuffling through mounds of paperwork and training tutorials so my brain feels like Jell-O. I expect to be working autonomously on the salesfloor taking care of the animals and answering customer questions by the end of next week.

In artistic news, I begin a internet science-fiction writing course taught by the legendary James Gunn in a week. I have an idea for the story that I want to write for the class, but I have no research done on the science behind the plot. If anyone has knowledge about orbital physics, aerospace engineering, or space trash call me. My edits of the novel Skinshifter are progressing slowly. I am also selling several pieces of my photography at an art show happening in three weeks. Two of these photos have already been accepted by an anthology publisher as possible book cover art. We’ll see if anything comes of that. Thanks to everyone who has been so encouraging to me! Please continue praying for God’s guidance.

Thanks again,


A Beauty Guide for Nerds


A Beauty Guide for Nerds


  1. Congrats on the new job, Alycia! And good luck at the workshop.

  2. Hey congratulations on the job!

    And you’ll like the James Gunn workshop. I did the on-line one and the Lawrence one both a while back. He’s really great to work with.

  3. Hey — jobs with benefits are a rare thing indeed these days!

    Congrats, and I hope you rocked the Gunn writing course!

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