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The Beauty of Your Hair, Part 2:

I have been dubbed a nerd with a fashion sense. I believe that taking pride in how I dress allows others to see the beauty and confidence in me! I am offering this series of fashion articles for those who want to improve their look and self-esteem. Please join me…

Looking Healthy: Hair Care…

Like all other parts of your body, hair requires a certain amount of maintenance. Besides washing it often, you also need to condition it regularly. People like me who have very oily scalps must wash their hair every day and condition their hair only once or twice a week. Others who have dry scalps can get away with washing their hair once every two to four days, but should also condition their hair when they wash it to keep nutrients replenished and avoid dandruff problems. A good rule to follow for conditioner is to apply it often enough to keep your hair feeling soft without looking dull.

Besides shampoo and conditioner, good hair care products are available through any decent salon and will do wonders to tame and maintain your mane. Example: Because my hair is very fine and straight, I use mousse and root lift to help give it volume and keep it from frizzing by using medium-weight hair spray. Products lines like Paul Mitchell, Matrix, and Redken work best to give my fine hair lift without adding a lot of weight. Those with thicker hair will probably have to worry less about volume and more about style control. A heavier gel and hair spray combination will add some weight to thicker hair. Look for a finishing spray that will give you control without leaving your hair feeling sticky or oily. If a spray leaves a sticky residue on your hand, it will do the same to your hair. Above all, bug your hairstylist to see which products and product lines will work best for you.

Myths and Legends:

-Good hair products are expensive. FALSE! Look for lines that sell their wares for $10-20 per bottle. Anything costing less may damage your hair and anything more expensive usually adds no significant styling advantages. Sixteen ounces of quality product will last most people with medium-length hair for six months or more because they use less of it daily than they do cheaper products.

-One hair spray can is like any other. FALSE! Aerosol finishing sprays work well for those with fine or thin hair because the aerosol applicator distributes the product more finely/evenly than a squirting applicator. Those with thicker hair can use a squirt applicator for more control. In either case, be sure to hold the can at least six inches away from the hair so that you get an even application. *Tip-I spray my hair over the bathtub so the product doesn’t get everywhere. Daily application of a shower spray like Arm&Hammer, Lysol, or Scrubbing Bubbles cleans up the spray residue without much scrubbing.

-I need to constantly brush my hair to keep it styled. FALSE! A good finishing spray should keep your hair in check for six to eight hours. Remember fine hair needs light to medium-hold spray and thick hair needs medium to heavy strength. If your hair starts misbehaving, a SMALL amount of water can reactivate the finishing spray.

Join me next time for more talk on hair and how to improve its color.

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