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Thank you to all who have wished me luck and congrats on having my novel rough draft finished! will_couvillier, [info]ckastens, [info]sithwitch13, and camillealexa all rock! By the way, I’ll take any good editing tips people care to throw at me.


Skinshifter Rough Draft Finished!


A Beauty Guide for Nerds


  1. Yeah!

    Editing tips?
    – Read it out loud
    – Make sure it starts in the right place
    – Check for words you overuse
    – Make sure you use action verbs and not passive forms
    – Don’t be afraid to cut

  2. Some people really enjoy the novel editing phases.

    Keep the love for your project, is all I can say. Remember how happy it makes you to have written/created that thing, even if some of the process proves difficult.

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