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 The Beauty of Your Hair, Part 1:

I have been dubbed a nerd with a fashion sense. I believe that taking pride in how I dress allows others to see the beauty and confidence in me! I am offering this series of fashion articles for those who want to improve their look and self-esteem. Please join me…

We talked about learning to love your body in the last article. I had you get naked and take notes on features you liked. This was not to be weird or vain, but to get you to look at your body as a beautiful and unique piece of art. Think about this, your body is the most functional and cool piece of art ever to exist. It is also one of the most intricate machines on the planet. Your body houses your mind and soul, allows you to feel and sense the world around you, helps to give you a unique identity, and aids your communication with others.

The face is the most important part of the body for sensing and communicating with your environment. It holds the eyes, nose, ears, and tongue. Therefore I want to discuss the face and its adornment before I tackle any other body part. We’ll start with your hair and work our way in.

Lasting Memories…

Because the face is the first and the last thing others see, it is most important to present a becoming visage to the world. People will remember your face long after the rest of you body (and possibly even your name) fades from their memory. How do you want them to remember you?

Most of us nerds work in some pretty intellectual environments. Despite their best efforts, even well-educated people are often prejudiced. Consequently, looking professional is a must if you want others to take you and your ideas seriously. Whether you work in a lab, a cubicle, or a lecture hall, professional dress and conduct is a must. Not only does it help others take notice of your smarts, it also helps boost your own self-confidence.

Looking Smart: Hair Style…

The easiest way to dress your face is by having a flattering hair style. You want your hair to be a nice picture frame complementing the pretty portrait of your face, so to speak. Look for CURRENT trends that are easy and fast to fix. Don’t go for anything too shaggy since professional is the name of the game here. Look for an experienced hairstylist who can give you an up-to-date do that fits your face. The easiest way to find an expert is to ask someone with an awesome hairstyle who he or she uses.

Research styles before you get your hair cut so you have a better shot at getting a likeable cut. When looking for flattering hair styles, look to see if the model wearing the hairstyle has the same face shape as you. Is their face round, oval, square or heart-shaped? What is yours? Chances are excellent that you can pull off the hairstyle of someone else with the same face shape as you. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Remember, hair grows back so you won’t be stuck with a do you detest for more than five weeks. If in doubt, shorter hair (three inches to mid-neck length) is often better because it is easier to fix and offers more versatility when styling. However, girls, be careful that you don’t overdo it and look as butch as your male counterparts. (I was somewhat guilty of that in college.) Women should add layers if they want softness and depth in a cut. Most men do well with hair cuts that are clean around the ears and chin. An experienced hairstylist will be able to offer some good advice in these areas as well as teach you some simple tricks to maintain and change up your new do.

Myths and Legends…

-A hair straightener can only straiten hair. FALSE! Straighteners can curl as well as straighten hair. To curl your hair, run the heated straightener through it like you would run a scissor blade across a ribbon to make it curl. Different angles will give you different amounts of curl.

That’s all for today, people! Next time, I’ll cover some easy ways to keep that awesome hairstyle healthy. In the meantime, bug me with any questions you have and I will try to answer them in a future article.

Happy styling,


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  1. I once got a pixie cut style haircut in college, and it was AWFUL! I thought it would be cute like Meg Ryan when she had short hair, but my hair is thick and coarse and instead of flopping cutely it stuck up straight. I had to put gel in it to spike it out for weeks and weeks, otherwise I would look like a chia pet just beginning to grow in. And, of course, like you say … I looked totally butch. The whole thing was a bad idea, and I kept a picture just to remind myself NEVER AGAIN!

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