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Introduction: The Beauty of Your Body

My friends have said on several occasions that I am a nerd. I like to read and write speculative fiction, hang out at SciFi cons, and listen to techno music. Can we say “Nerd” loud enough? Yet unlike most nerds, I have a fairly decent fashion sense. So upon requests from some of my style-frustrated friends, I am offering a few articles on fashion facts through my LiveJournal.

For those interested, I will warn you now that these articles are not for the faint of heart. If you want improve your wardrobe, it will require some sacrifice, money, work, and dedication on your part. It will mean honestly critiquing your body and throwing out clothes that don’t flatter it (even those that have sentimental value). There, you have been properly warned. Now let’s move on to the main point.

Why Bother…

How you present yourself to others says tons about how you view yourself. If you don’t like yourself, then chances are high that you will hide in your clothes rather than wearing them with pride. Showing pride in yourself is key to showing others that you are a truly wonderful person. Your friends and family should love you regardless of how you dress, but those same people should also be proud that you are bold enough to dress with confidence. The whole point of good fashion is not to appear vain or to be someone you are not. It is to show others what you like about yourself.

Positive Body Image…

You have no hope of dressing well without getting to know your body first. This is where we nerds often get tripped up. While my circle of friends are all known for their incredible intelligence, most of us also have body-image issues to counter our brilliant minds. Before you can begin to dress properly, you have to be able to see the beauty of your own skin. Any of us can easily count the things about ourselves that we do not like using all fingers and toes, but how many of us look at ourselves in the mirror each morning and think how handsome or beautiful we look?

When it comes to my body, I am my worst critic. I pick my pimples, growl at my chin mole and wish the tip of my nose wasn’t so crooked. Yet there are days when I am realize that even with my crooked nose and all else, I really am beautiful. I have gorgeous golden-green eyes that can light up the room when I feel confident. I have regal skin that can be pimple-free with the right cleansers and a cute petite figure that looks great in many different styles and colors of clothing. It is this confidence that I take to the department store with me and use to get myself through the riggers of shopping.

Paradigm Shifts…

If you have a problem thinking of yourself as a beautiful person, it is time to change your paradigm. You are beautiful and you’re going to get naked to prove it. If you are serious about improving yourself, then you need to stand alone in your bathroom or in the best lit room of the house in front of a good mirror and strip. Now stare at your face and find three characteristics that you like. Don’t look at the crooked nose! Instead notice the cute ears, the beautiful eyes, the pretty jaw line, the sculpted mouth or whatever you really like. After you’ve made yourself smile, then you can look lower.

Honestly assess each section of the body: head, torso, and leg/hip region. Find three things you like about every single section. Write down specifically what you like and refer to the list anytime you feel frustrated by your body or by clothes. The more you accept your body, the easier it will be to find clothes you really like and feel proud to wear. As I progress this article collection, I’ll give you tips on how to use clothing to draw attention to your favorite parts while downplaying your less loved features.