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I felt a bit guilty when I realized today that I have not written anything on livejournal in over two months! Here is my update for those who noticed that I fell off the planet.


Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day all went very well. My husband and I spent Thanksgiving Day with some dear friends who live just north of town on a several thousand acre ranch. We spent the day eating, drinking, and shooting pistols (not in that order by the way.) I then spent the weekend at my parents’ house visiting with them and my aunt and uncle. My husband had to work on the weekend so he was unable to attend. Fortunately, his boss did give him two days off for Christmas so we were both able to spend the holidays at my parents’ house after all. We did not see his parents until New Year’s Day which was when we did the rest of our Christmas gift exchange.


The weekend just after New Year’s Day was also a time of great celebration because four close friends of ours got married that Saturday. Matt’s childhood best friend’s wedding was in Lubbock and my dear friend Mary’s was in Dallas, so we split up and were each involved in one wedding. It was so much fun watching Mary and her longtime best friend finally get married, but I do admit I was missing my favorite dancing partner when the reception came. It was so nice to get home after that weekend and be able to hug Matt again.


In writing news, I am excited to announce that I finished writing Chapter 22 of Skinshifter today. Now it is on to Chapter 23, which means I have only to write two chapters to finish the book rough draft! I also have a new short story submitted for publication.


In other news, I still have not found a job, which is in part because I took three weeks off in December from serious job hunting to prepare for Christmas and the weddings. Now I am back to full force searching and have a couple of good prospects. I’m hoping for something that does not involve retail because I want to avoid working crazy hours. Matt does enough of that for both of us. We will what happens. In the mean time, I continue write, do housework, and do some independent graphic design work.


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  1. Glad to see you around, Alycia, and good luck on the continuing job hunt!

    • Thanks, Chris! I noticed from one of your posts that I have a fellow BCS lover! Yay! So how’s the oh-so-adorable baby? Have you finished feeding at all hours of the night yet?

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