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My birthday came and went with many pleasantries attached. Several of my friends and family members called this week and last to wish me a merry time marking my new age and all were very encouraging. Although I have had a couple of nibbles, I still have no job yet. To pass the time between job hunts and interviews, I have been working steadily on my graphic art and learning some new software applications. I am trying to teach myself how to build my own Web site and of course it is slow going since I am constructing it with only my own art and photography. Ah well, good things are worth waiting for…right? In any event, my writing has taken a back seat to the job search, but I’m finally comfortable enough with my progress that I’ve picked up my short stories again. I have one submitted and I’ll start edits on several others this coming week. I also read The Hobbit this month and while it provided me little inspiration in my own writing, it was nice to walk around in someone else’s imagination for a while. It’s been over half a year since I’ve read a novel just for fun and I found the break quite refreshing. I read Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy in college, but have never perused The Hobbit before. Not a bad book in my opinion, although I often prefer a more concise style of writing. Anyway, those curious to see my progress in the graphic art field should check out some of my latest drawings and photographs at http://alyciachristine.deviantart.com. Cheers!