I am very proud of myself. Yesterday I have managed to finish copious projects and errands off my To-Do List. My dear husband is sick so I’m stuck doing his house chores as well as my own. However, that is more of a slight inconvenience than a frustration. Yesterday, I took out the trash, cooked a crock pot full of chili, retrieved the mail, answered E-mail, went grocery shopping, and finished shopping for all of our wedding needs/wants items at one registered store. We still have items left on our registries like some of our stemware, but those things won’t be strategic to our daily routine so I’m not concerned. Tonight I plan to finish my strategic shopping at the other wedding registry store, put up all the purchases, do laundry, edit stories, edit photos, and play with the cat.

By the way, it has been more than a week after the kitty’s terrifying trip to the vet’s office and I am happy to report that Snickers is once again talking to Matt and me. She actually started being very affectionate to us on Friday once she realized that the vet and the bath were not meant as punishment for some heinous crime and that we did actually love her. She also decided that the bottom half of the crate was at least acceptable as a bed once I covered it in catnip and put a really comfy pillow inside. I think I’ll wait a few more weeks before I try snapping on the crate’s top half. Wish me luck!

Now I’m off to work on market reports and archive stories.