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The Married Writing Life

I love being married! Life has been both quiet and busy lately. My husband started working for a local company about two weeks ago, so we are still getting used to his work schedule. I’m mostly on my own for two nights out of the week when he has help close the store, so I use the quiet time to write, read, or do chores. I’ve found it far easier to work on my To Do List when he’s gone so that I can spend better quality time with him when we’re both home together. I’m also proud to announce that I haven’t burned any dinners yet!


Currently, I have roughly nine short stories in the works. Three of my stories are incomplete in rough draft form. I have three-fourths of a rough draft written on one of these, 700 words written on a second, and two paragraphs written on the third.  I’m doing preliminary edits on the rough drafts of four others and preparing them to be sent to my writing critique circle. I have three stories that were rejected by publishers, so I must to reread them, do a bit more polishing, and submit them for publication one more time. I hope to get about six short stories finalized and submitted by early October. And, yes, I still have oodles of other story ideas floating around inside my cranium begging to be written.

No writing will be done this weekend because Matt and I are going to visit my parents and friends instead. It should be alot of fun. 🙂


By the way, if you are a woman, do me a favor and do not under any circumstance get married unless you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your man is the one you are supposed to be with for the rest of your life. If he is not your best friend as well as being your boyfriend and if he isn’t responsible enough to take care of a family, do not get married. I say this because I currently am dealing with the insane hassle of changing my last name on every legal document and personal account I have. Matt and I both agree that divorce is not an option which is good because I really don’t want to change all this junk back again…ever!


For those of you who are curious, I will continue writing as Alycia C. Cooke because I prefer to keep my name the same on all my published works.


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