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Ruins Metropolis Review, Short Story Updates, and Spore!

Check out ahmedakhan‘s review of Ruins Metropolis! My own reading of the anthology has unfortunately been stalled by an onslaught of story revisions. Hopefully I’ll be done with those edits and submissions by next week and be back to writing and reading new stuff.

Yesterday I received formal rejections for two short stories: "Chosen" that I submitted in June, "The Star Child and the Golden Seed" that I submitted in August. The rejection for "Chosen" was a form letter, but the one for "Star Child" was a personal letter from one of the editors. The editor praised the story and gave some excellent revision advise. I am eternally grateful for the remarks since I now know how make the story even stronger.  I plan to revise "Chosen" and "Star Child" and look for new homes for both of them this week or next. I am still waiting on my "Seedling" submission, but I don’t expect an acceptance or rejection on that story for another month or two. I still have "City of Twilight" stuck in Baen’s Bar, but I haven’t attempted revisions on that since the wedding (mainly because I just can’t figure out how to fix a critical plot flaw yet).

In other writing news, I wrote rough drafts of two new stories this week and so now I must make massive revisions on "Keiranna’s Hope" and "On Butterfly Wings" before submitting them for publication. I also have a third of "Orb’s Song" finished, the first 400 words of "Another Day at the Office" typed, and am trying to flesh out the rest of those stories.

In competitive news, my darling husband bought the game "Spore" for me yesterday and I am addicted. Those of you who know me well, understand that I am not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination. It annoys me to spend more than 30 minutes at a time in someone else’s imagined universe unless it’s a written story (and I usually prefer to run around in my own creative universes instead of another’s anyway). The last and only game I played often was "City of Heroes" and I stuck with that only as long as my friends were playing with me. Well, gang, I spent 2.5 hours last night playing through the cell and creature evolutionary phases of "Spore" and I can not wait to get to tribal phase. This just might zap some of my writing productivity, but I think it’s worth it in this case. It is so much fun to have creative control over how my digital creature looks and behaves (from the bones out). Who knows, I just might get some fun story ideas off this game. At the very least I found a good excuse to relax a little without sacrificing my insatiable need for creativity.



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  1. Hee, I’m trying to decide when to buy Spore. I’ve been looking forward to it for so long but The Force Unleashed is out next week and I am damn sure going to play that, and I’m finally getting through Knights of the Old Republic (only… what, five years late? 😛 ) and WAR is out soon and I want to help Scott with clan stuff… So, yeah. At some point. Maybe this weekend; God knows I could use some laughs and fun right now.

    I envy you your productivity. I think my stupid health stuff is draining me dry–other than the bee thing, there’s something like four short stories I’m trying to work on (plus the three longer things that are on the back burner, plus research for a historical fantasy that needs to be done) and for the past two weeks all I’ve done is stare at them. I even wondered if it was time for me to start drawing again and just ended up having to restrain myself from throwing things through my computer screen. And then I fell asleep >:(

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