My head is like a spring garden filled with furrows upon furrows of planted story seeds. Many of the stories have sprouted a paragraph or two above the nurturing soils of imagination, but very few so far have reached harvestable maturity. I really need to work more methodically to weed out the weak ideas and only grow and harvest the truly dynamic plots.
At this point:
-I have roughly 30 to 40 story ideas roaming around in my brain not including the Skinshifter novel or its subplots.
-I have written more than 500 words on 14 different stories.
-I am actively working on three story rough drafts.
-I hope to finish the rough draft of my newest story idea this weekend and then finish to the other two.
-I have finished writing the rough drafts of six.
-I have finished the final drafts on six others.
-I have three currently submitted for publication.
-I have no story contracts pending.
-I have already published one short story.