WorldCon was awesome! I met so many neat people and attended several informative panels and fun parties. The Hadley Rille Books panel boasted readings from roughly eight different authors including myself. My first ever public story reading went very well and I autographed somewhere between 10-20 copies of the Ruin Metropolis anthology during the weekend. I also handed out signed copies of some of my photography as an extra promotion for Hadley Rille Books. I had the chance to hang around the Hadley Rille Books table in the dealer’s room. In the process I became better acquainted with the editor Eric Reynolds and discovered him to be a very nice and interesting individual. I also had the opportunity to talk with such SciFi writing legends as Elizabeth Moon as well as several immerging stars. I am of course very glad to be back home with Matthew and getting regular hours of sleep now, but my experiences at the con were truly priceless. I plan to include a fairly comprehensive list of Web page links for the many wonderful people I met at WorldCon hopefully later this week so that you can see their work. For now, though, I’m off to work on market reports and will probably try to finish more wedding thank you notes tonight after dinner. Bye for now!